The Determination of Words

December 23, 2010
By katsyvalentine SILVER, Ridgeland, South Carolina
katsyvalentine SILVER, Ridgeland, South Carolina
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The ones who matter most are most aware that everyone else matters, too.

The keys felt light beneath her fingers; swiftly changing beneath the tips. She couldn't begin to explain the emotion--the story she only wished she could tell. Words cound resemble the encounter, but could not reenact the scene. For only by being a witness, could you truly understand the meaning.
One page. Two pages. It was something she had never experienced before. And the words sang a sweet melody, a serenade of her experience almost as real as that night. She took a deep breath before clicking the button, after reading over her work. Submit. It was off. To someone she hoped could grasp her thoughts. And, whether or not they did? Love, this was just the beginning.

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