It's a Blue World

December 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Blue skies, with white, fluffy clouds. You think about that one color—impossible to recreate. It paints the skies above you, as you lay peacefully on the grass at a park. A slight breeze lingers over you and combs your hair as a blue jay, perched on a tree, serenades you with a sweet song. “What makes this wonderful sky blue?” and “Is blue more than just a color?” you wonder. I suppose it is the Earth’s atmosphere and the light, but how can something like that create a perfect hue found all around us?

Blue water. The water is very calm and clear, portraying a rich, deep blue. Little fish swim about and a duck slowly glides over the surface of the water. You let your hand skim the water’s surface as you gaze into the your reflection in the water, slightly distorted by the gentle ripples now rolling through it.

Ocean Blue. The water in the ocean has yet a different blue. This water, mixed with sand, has a hint of green. That blue-green suddenly turns into white as the massive wave curls over and crashes into the sand. The white foam then crawls up the beach and over your toes, tickling them.

Blue is also the rush of a waterfall, as tons of water spills over and down the side of a mountain. The blue water falls—frozen in one spot, yet racing to the ground. The result of this blue waterfall is a great splashing sound accompanied by mist, ethereal as it floats into the sky.

Blue eyes. I marvel at the blueness of my mother’s eyes. They are so familiar, for I look to them for comfort, when I have had a bad day, or I when am sick. I look to them also when I am happy and want to share my good test grade, or accomplishments with her. I have looked to my mom’s blue eyes all my life. To me, they symbolize happiness and comfort.

Blue: the look of death. A man lay still in a coffin. His face is blue—drained of life—for he has passed away. Family and friends are gathered around him, mourning their loss while wiping tears from their red, puffy eyes. His presence will be missed but they feel some connection to him as they gaze up into those blue skies, with white, fluffy clouds.

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