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December 21, 2010
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The world was waking up after a long nap. Trees yawned and stretched their limbs. Throwing off the sheets of slumber they had worn so long, buds emerged from the branches, their bed of choice. So too the sun woke up and slowly stretched its many golden arms to the land below. It was spring, the season of new beginnings.
But with the beginning of a new story there must also be an end to the story before. The ending in this case was a happy one, for at last the snow was melting under the pressure of the dazzling sun. Trees wept tears of joy to be released from the weight of clinging snow, and the soft slap of water on ground provided the rhythm for this symphony of sounds brought on in the spirit of the new season. The chirping of birds returning home and the whir of bicycle wheels on cement roads were the melody. The happy exchange of greetings passed from person to person created the harmony, and their footsteps as they walked down the road that the bike coasted down added a steady beat, and tied together the song that sang of potential contentment.

Accompanying the sun was the less anticipated but equally important rain. It kissed the newly uncovered ground, nurturing the possibilities of growth that slept beneath the musty soil. The air felt moist and invigorating after the soft shower, and the fresh scent created an atmosphere that seemed to blossom along with the flowers poking their slender heads through the earth.
And the earth, oh the earth! It had been cleared of the vast blanket of snow, much to the joy of the many people tired of the long, cold winter. Grass, a brilliant shade of emerald, meandered with the dead grass of yesteryear. The trees threw on coats of lacy green. It was decided, spring was here at last and nothing else could be so grand.

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