December 21, 2010
By Christof Swope BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
Christof Swope BRONZE, Bethel, Alaska
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The sun shines down across the frozen, barren wasteland. I watch as the pristine white snow lifts from the ground like spirits breaking from the earth and ascending off into the nothingness of the sky. The roaring winds send shivers down my spine, and I stand there, a miniscule part of the vast, untouched land. Suddenly, the sky fills with clouds and fire falls from the sky. I freeze in terror as shadows take form on the ground around me, and pull me down, deep below the surface into a bubbling inferno, and my heart blows from my chest like a grenade. My skin peels back, turning black and singed from the uncontrollable fires. Deafening screams fill my ears and pierce my mind, erasing all sanity from it, and I myself begin to scream.

The scene flashes black into the back of my mind, any pain I feel, disappears with the terror that surrounded me. Suddenly, I see the face that brings me happiness and joy. My heart screams with excitement as she walks towards me. Her short black hair shines in the glowing sun. I look around to see meadow of green grass and violet wildflowers. She walks over to me, and I hold her in my arms, the warmth of her radiates and I feel myself finally calm. Then the warmth disappears, and I open my eyes and look up to the sky. Lightning strikes all around me, and the beautiful meadow burst into flames. I look down to my arms, and see the one face that always brought me happiness, turn to ash and break away in my arms. My heart drops inside of me, and I drop to my knees. Tears fill my eyes; they fall and hit the ground, sizzling like acid. They stream down my face and I raise my arm to wipe them away. My skin begins to boil as my tears burn through. The grass around me continues to burn, and I drop on top of the ashes. I close my eyes tight, and again, every painful image fades away.
I suddenly find myself staring out a window. Outside, an enraged crowd screams at a man standing atop a platform. Insignias of a sort mark flags all around. Objects are thrown at the man, and he screams out, but is not heard above the roaring mass. I turn and look around. A family stands in the far corner, appearing somewhat confused by me. I look out the window, and where a crowd of maybe a hundred angered men stood, now stand soldiers, and they fill every inch of the city’s streets. They bear tools of war, but they hold fire. The man on the platform puts something to his mouth, and then draws a pistol out. He takes the barrel to his temple; everything goes silent, and a faint click of the trigger echoes softly. The soldiers turn and walk away. My mind and body feel a unique strength, and I begin to float as the world around me fades away into the nothingness of its reality, and then my eyes open into my own.

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