Black Heart

December 21, 2010
By Daelia Berger BRONZE, Grimes, Iowa
Daelia Berger BRONZE, Grimes, Iowa
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S he feels her long, black hair as she pushes it over her eyes. Her hair becomes her curtain from reality. She knows what lays beyond her curtain; judgment, corruption, misunderstanding, labels, broken hearts...She has decided that isolation is the best choice. She has built a barrier around her emotions making her cold and hostile. She walks down the hallway, but at times her curtain isn't enough and she gets a good kick in the stomach from reality. She hears their muffled wispers immediately outcasting her. She tastes the blood in her mouth from biting her tongue, she knows they aren't worth her time. She sees the red line on her wrist and cringes reminding herself that no one understands her pain. She's different, and they obviously can't handle different. She feels the isolation all the time, when everyone parts the halls avoiding her, when everyone is invited to the party...except her. You'd have to be crazy to invite the gothic girl to your party. So she goes on pretending to be content with loneliness..

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