December 21, 2010
By Anonymous

The wind was hot as it pressed against my face, I didn't mind though, I loved the smell of the salt air. The sand was soft beneath my feet. It was 1:30 in the afternoon, high tide, waves crashed against the shore. The sound of laughing put a smile on my face. I walked hastily down the beach heading towards the water. The water,cold,sent chills running down my spine. The water had great power, power to boats but also power to hurt people. I waded up to my hips. The water cool against my slightly burned skin. The curls of the waves broke farther out now, knocking many people to their knees. I waded out farther into the vast ocean and then, just then is when I saw it, the hugest wave I've ever seen. The current was so strong it was sucking me towards the curls. I tried to swim away but it only made things worse. The curl slapped on top of my head sending me to the ocean floor. Caught in a wash cycle, I twisted and got pushed so hard to the ground. I slammed my jaw against the ground. My teeth buckled against the impact. Pain shot up my jaw as fast as lightning strikes. I got spun around until I finally got to my feet. I spun around and saw the next wave, two feet away, I ran for shore but didn't make it. I got shot to the ground again. I washed up on shore and it was then that I realized the pain in my jaw and also that I was powerless against the vicious waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

The author's comments:
This was an expirience I had my first time out of New York. I traveled with my uncle. cousins, brother and sister down to Ocean City Maryland. It was amazing! I loved my vacation but not the pain. Waves are powerful so be careful if u decide to ride them.

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