Until I Wake Up

December 18, 2010

The Violins Have Been Tuned And Sound Astonishingly clear; The Sounds Flow Smooth Like A Silk Blanket And Perfect Pirouettes. The Clouds As White As Blankets Of Snow And A Bunny Rabbits Cotton Ball Tail. Sky's So Blue That You Can See Your Reflection Perfectly Clear, It Might As Well Be A Mirror Of Silver Platters And Divine Spoons. Voices So Pure And Transparent Like A New Born Baby Crying Their Heart Out, Tones So Perfect And Notes Hit Right With None Left. The Piano Was Played By No One, Though It Made A Melody Unwritten yet Known. Time Is Frozen While Cars Pass, People Walk, And Sounds Are On Play. Music Is Everywhere, In The Water We Drink That Falls From Rusty Faucets, Steps We Take At Our Own Pace, Snowflakes Falling Slow And Landing Soft. Colours Painted On Already Filled Canvases, All Colours Such like Amethyst, Emerald, Aquamarine, Ruby, and Many more; The Strokes So Smooth With Colors So Vivid That They Went Beautiful Together In Perfect Harmony. Knitted Sweaters, Perfectly Fit Ripped Jeans, Old Converse, And Unfinished Stories.Books With Empty Pages That Tell A Story So Deep You Wouldn’t Understand Even If You Could Read It. People Who Always Stick Around Even When They’re No Where To Be Found. This Is All A Dream And Everything Is A Perfect Scene; Until I Wake Up.

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