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December 17, 2010
By Zanyac SILVER, Billerica, Massachusetts
Zanyac SILVER, Billerica, Massachusetts
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"I think everyone has their story, and that is yours."

Evil. Cast out at the age of 10, they didn't want him in their way.
His struggle to survive meant nothing to them. His brother's shunned him. "The youngest won't drag us behind."
The eldest became the Financial Advisor to the king. The king trusted him, clothed him in beautiful silks and robes. That didn't matter. Scam after scam left the king with nothing and he had it all; His goal had been reached. He was on top.
The other brother left for the kingdom of the enemy. He saved the king from his "doom" and became head of the army, the king's right hand man. He ate what and when he wanted. He married the kingdom's most beautiful woman. But he didn't care. When she found out that the "accident' he saved the king from was his own doing, she tried to leave. He was outraged. Abused and assaulted, she was thrown in the dungeons. When the king became suspicious, he was killed, too.
At the top of the world, they thought they could do anything. When they found out about each other, they couldn't stand the thought that anyone else could be as good as them. They planned "events" to occur, allowing them to go to war.
History says that they were pure. This immense battle would go down as one of honour and justice. History lies. They're ugliness is shrouded by lies. These two Models of Righteousness brought the powers of thunder and lightning on each other.
When all the wars were fought and won
From their secrets they had to run.
When everything was said and done
There was no victor. There was NONE.
Out of the dust, those monsters crawled. Out of the abyss, those ugly sinners came, crying for mercy, to whomever would listen.
No one stepped up. They were outcasts, a reflection of their smaller brother they cast out long ago.
That brother became King. His beauty was never forgotten, the sacrifices he made for everyone and everything around him, even when he had nothing, shined brightly threw the blinding darkness and fog of war. Under him, the kingdom prospered. He survived it all.

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