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December 16, 2010
By maddii_luvss GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
maddii_luvss GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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"If we were all born to die, and we all die to live; then what's the point of living life if it just contradicts?" ~ Ronnie Radke

The soft meadow glow of the sunlight touches my skin gently. Bits of gold dance with the wind around me. A guitar, vaguely heard over the ruffle of the golden wheat that sways around me, plays a tuneful song, spinning a tale of lost love, and life. Tiny shivers travel through my sun-warmed body. I fall back onto the soft Earth letting it caress my body with the tender golden rows of wheat. Every bad memory is soaked into the ground leaving my body naked of the hate I was once clothed in. Weight is lifted from my over-bearing shoulders giving me the chance to freely dance with the air. A flutter of butterflies tickle my toes lifting away all the tears, all the sorrow and stress leaving me naked of grief and despair. The guitar's tale has spun a story holding me in awe. The Earth, and all of her children, sing to the slow tune. Had the butterflies not flown away with my tears I would be weeping to the song. Not of sadness, but of regret as the song being sung, slow and sad, is telling my life. But now I am free; free of the shackles that binded me to the Earth that just consumed money, but now binded to the Earth our home. Sunlight dances across my re-born skin transforming my first steps into the new life into gracious movements flowing like water. I am a river, flowing with life and compassion. Tainted poison of my old life cannot reach me here, for the Earth holds me in her hands and finally I feel love.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by some music that I was listening to. The song made me think of this in my head.

Never Think- Robert Pattinson

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on Sep. 17 2011 at 8:47 pm
billgamesh11 BRONZE, Grafton, Massachusetts
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That was not bad!

But when you are describing how she isn't 'clothed with hate' or that she is 'naked' now, it just breaks the flow of the story when you say naked twice. It might have been better if you had said something like just one part of her body became naked at a time, like: "my bare shoulders were revealed when the weight bearing down on them was relieved". But what is written was written and you did a great job on this other than the part I mentioned, even though it wasn't that bad. So, Good Job and Keep Writing!!!:):):);)

on Jan. 3 2011 at 6:17 pm
thats really good i wish i could write like that

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