The Storm

December 12, 2010
Somethings was wrong, all the animals could feel it. It started off with just the dog howling and barking madly, but then the other animals joined in the noise making. My mother sent me off into town to see if I could find someone to help tame these crazy animals, so I headed off down the dirt road that led into the small town.

While ther, I overheard three young men talking to this old geezer who was rambling on about some freak storm headed in.

"All the animals know it," when he said this my attention was caught, "and i feel it here in my bones." I rolled my eyes, just another crazy I was betting.

"Your bones!" the young men scoffed, laughing at the man as I turned and walked away.

That night the clouds went black, and for three long days it poured and just flat out stormed. When i went into town once more, I heard that the three young men I'd seen earlier had been lost in the woods when they went hunting, ignoring the old man's warnings. Maybe the old man wasn't so crazy after all. I saw the old man sitting in a chair in a small cafe. I asked him what he thought of those men. The old man just laughed.

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swimchikk said...
Feb. 28, 2011 at 12:50 am
Love the story..just made it up...IM THE FIRST TO COMMENT!!!! Beat that!!! oh yes!!!
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