11:pm Just the two of us

December 14, 2010
By Anonymous

One dark night I was with my every good friend name Krystal. Her mother and father went out for the night so me and Krystal was happy because it was just the two of us hanging out haveing a blast. At 1.am we were half asleep the t.v is on but we was not looking at it all the lights were off. The wind was blowing hard so all we heard was a bigg bang on the door, two times. We both jumped up I asked her "what was that?"she said' "let me go see."I said, "no you stay here and let me go see. "she said , "but Im so scared and i'm worried. "I told her, "dont worry." I was scared myself and I told her, "If anything bad happen to you I dont know what I will do,". After walking to the door slowly, there was another bang. My heart was pounding so I looked out the window and I saw two boys with masks on and they had a gun. I heard one of the boys talking about going through the window. When I tried to go back and get Krystal, I heard the window brake. I turned around and one of the boy's granned me so I had to fight back my own life was on the line,". When i broke free from the boy I started punching him so the other boy pulled out a nife and cute me" so I fliped him over on the table and ran upstairs to get krystal. She was crying blood was coming out my arm so I told her, "we have to get out of here!" so, I left the house with her and I told her to run far far away. When the cops came I was ready to pass out, as my eyes were ready to shut both of the boys where in handcuffs with two cops by there side". When i woke up i was in a bed asking for Krystal they told me she was nowere to be found," I could not face her mother or father I thought I would be a hero but I sure did not feel like a hero my best friend was somewere out there but I did not know were.

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