The Trip To the Amusement Park

December 14, 2010
By Maggie Rogers BRONZE, Auburn, Alabama
Maggie Rogers BRONZE, Auburn, Alabama
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It was a rainy day, Emily Lankford and Joe Brown had been talking on their cell phones all day. Emily is the point guard of the Woodland Knights High School girl’s basketball team. Joe is also a point guard and quarterback of the WHS. Emily and Joe has been dating since Emily’s freshmen year and Joe is one year older than her. Emily is now a junior and Joe is a senior. They’re the typical couple that every couple wishes to be like. The long rainy day is almost over. Joe and Emily find out they don’t have practice after school. Finally the bell rings for school to end. Joe and Emily meet up after school and decide they want to go to the new amusement park in town. They jump into Joe’s car and they are just cruising along on the road. While they’re cruising it starts pouring down rain just for five minutes and it stops. They finally arrived at the amusement park. It was still rainy, but they’re not going to leave after they made the trip to come. Even though the rides are shut down, they’re still some shows going on. They both realize that after attending the show for 3 minutes, it’s for little kids. Emily becomes a little upset because she wanted to have fun. Joe now feels bad. He thinks he should make her happy, so he finds a flower. It’s pink and just as shiny as it could be. He picked it for her and put it in her hair. She waited a minute because she was in shock after he put the flower in her hair, and then she smiled. Joe grabbed Emily’s hand and they just started running through the amusement park as if they were caught on fire. The amusement park trip ended going great. In the end, the sun came out and Emily and Joe stopped for a minute and smiled at each other and then began to run through the amusement park one more time.

The author's comments:
Dear Teen Ink,
I wrote this story in Creative Writing. This story is about a teenage couple who play sports and it was a rainy day and so practice got cancelled. They decided to go to the new amusement park in town. This story is fun to read if you don’t have anything else to do. It has some sad times and happy, but the outcome is great. I chose to write my story as a couple because I thought it would be something different and it would be more fun. I chose this piece of work to submit because it was one of my best pieces. I think this piece of work should be read because a rainy day doesn’t always have to turn out bad and it shows how the couple worked through their problems and maybe it can help other relationships. Hope you enjoy!
Maggie Rogers

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