Ghost In The Bathroom

December 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Sylwia Szczotkowski is a normal girl, who has drama, and who cares about the way she looks, like the rest of the girls in this world. But only she had experienced something very strange on a standard day of school that came out of nowhere. It all started on a normal, typical Tuesday in November. She went to her Creative Writing class third period, where she is never late and never absent. On top of being in class on time every day, she always does her homework, and receives good grades. Not only in Creative Writing does she get great grades, but also in every other class of hers, she is never tardy, never absent, and obtains amazing grades. In my opinion, she is one of the best students at Prospect High School that has ever lived.

“May I go to the bathroom?” Sylwia asks Mrs. Deluga as she jumps up and down with fear in her eyes thinking she might not make it because she couldn’t hold it anymore. She never asks to go to the bathroom because she usually goes during passing periods.

“Sylwia, you are asking me to go to the bathroom? This has to be the first or second time you have ever asked me!” Mrs. Deluga said with a surprised expression on her face.

“Well yeah, because I always go during passing periods like what my teachers usually tell me to do,” Sylwia replies with lightning speed. “So can I go to the bathroom?” she adds, hoping the evil Mrs. Deluga says yes.

“Yes, go but you must run so you don’t miss out on my boring lecture that I will be having in five minutes. So be back before five minutes or else I will hunt you down,” Mrs. Deluga replies following her sentence with an evil laugh as Sylwia runs and opens the door to get out of the classroom. She sprints into the hall, freaking out that she was about to pee her pants.

She arrives at the bathroom and runs into the stall. She rips down her pants and sits down on the toilet. Before she felt a sign of relief, she hears the bathroom door open again.

“Who is it?” she asked but she didn’t hear the door slam closed. The girl’s bathroom door is usually very loud when it closes.
No reply. Like normal people, Sylwia freaks out some more because she hears noises inside the bathroom. She begins to pee and the noises get louder, and when she stops peeing, the noises all of a sudden stop.

“What do you want from me!?” Sylwia screamed at whoever was inside the bathroom. It couldn’t have been somebody though because who would do that? She slowly bent down to see if there is somebody there only to find no legs to see. Sylwia, scared, peed the rest as fast as she could so she could figure out what kind of noises were inside the bathroom.

She finishes peeing and flushes the toilet. When the toilet begins to make the loud suction noise, she hearxxxxxxs a loud thump outside of her stall.

“I am coming out so don’t hurt me!” She exclaimed as she pulls up her pants and opened the stall door. She exits the stall and saw absolutely nothing inside the bathroom. “Was that a ghost?” She asked herself with confusion as she quickly washed her hands to get out of the scary bathroom as fast as she could.

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T1suprax said...
on Dec. 16 2010 at 10:31 am
Dude this story has given me shivers, ps this girl sylwia Szczotkowski sounds like a hottie <3!


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