Sydney Part 3

December 14, 2010
By ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
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As I woke up the next morning I could hear the kids playing jump rope and playing card games. I could smell breakfast; pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and some other things. I got out of my bed and there was a new pair of clothes by my bed. I changed into them before I went out into the big room. My new clothes were the exact same thing that I wore yesterday but clean. I opened the curtain and people were already starting to get to the table and start getting their breakfast. J.C. and Julia were talking. I walked over to them and they just stopped talking and looked at me.

"Come on, you hungry?" asked Julia in a kind of irritated tone.

"Definitely" I said. We went over to the long white table and sat down next to each other, with me in the middle. J.C. and Julia seemed like they were pissed at each other. I got two pancakes and some scrambled eggs, and all J.C. and Julia got was some cereal. We ate in silence it was so weird, while everyone else was talking like last night. When I was done I went over to the big window that was like a wall. I sat right in front of the window looking at the city. I could see the bridge downtown by the river and the forest uptown and all the houses and building in between. J.C. and Julia just stood about 5 feet behind me. As I sat by the window I thought about everything. From what Jack wants to Aries dying, which I didn't want to think about in the first place. As I thought about what Jake wanted I could hear something shacking. I turned around to J.C. and Julia and they just looked normal, no expression. I looked at the window and then it cracked. Then I got up and backed up in between J.C. and Julia. The window cracked more and more. Then the glass shattered, everyone was running and screaming. Outside the window I could hear something, I can’t describe what it sounded like but everyone was freaking out but J.C. and Julia. Suddenly the wind started to come into the room and wiped everyone's hair around. The wind got stronger and the noise got louder then up came a helicopter. It was a camouflage helicopter that was really weird. It got as close as it could to the building then the door on the side opened and there was some guy in there. He was a middle-age, dark skin toned guy in an almost military uniform.

"Get in!"He yelled with an accent. J.C. ran toward the helicopter and jump out of the building, I was so scared that he was going to fall out of the building to his death, but he didn't, thank god. Julia looked at me and her expression was the same as before.

"Go on you first." she said. I just looked her with a confused and scared expression. She just keeps on looking at me telling me to go but I didn't move. "Come on you have to go or else something bad will happen to you. This is for your protection, I'll be right behind you and J.C. is over there ready to help you in if you need help but we need to go. NOW!” I just keep looking at her not knowing what to think of this. Then she gave me a push so that I could get moving. I was so worried that I wouldn't make it but I trusted them with my life, literally. I looked straight forward at the helicopter, J.C. was over there waiting with his hand out to help if I needed it with a worried looked on his face. I started to run as fast as I could, when I got to the edge of the building I jumped as high and as far as I could, and I didn't look down as I jumped. J.C. stuck his hand out to help me, I grabbed his hand and he helped to pull me in. When my foot touched the helicopter my knee gave out and I feel to the floor and rolled a little. J.C. let go of my hand and when I was done rolling he gave his sister a thumbs up to tell her it's OK to come over. J.C. came to my side to help me back up and to make sure I was OK. When Julia came over she did the same thing she went over to me to make sure that I was fine. The guy in the military kind of uniform closed the door and told the pilot to go ahead and go.

The door was locked and it also had a small window on it. When I got back onto my feet I went over to the door and looked out of the window. We were going over the building in the city, and then I saw trees then more and more. We were going somewhere in the forest. As we went farther in I could see the city getting smaller and farther away. Suddenly I could see the trees getting closer to the helicopter and I started to get really scared. I backed away from the door and ran into J.C.; I had totally forgotten that they were in the helicopter because they were so quiet. I could see the trees as we were going down to the ground, I could feel the helicopter shack when we landed. The guy in the uniform opened the door and I was the first one out, I ran out of the helicopter. Julia and J.C. followed right after me then the other guy and then the pilot after the helicopter was off.

"Welcome to your new home, for now that is, and my name is Damian.” Finally he says his name after the like 20 minute ride.

"These must be our new guests.” The voice came from our left, we looked that way there were two people, just standing there, I was wondering how long they had been there. One of the two was a guy, he was maybe in his early 20's late teen's, he looked like he was Italian with his dark brown hair, brown eyes, and medium skin tone. The other person was a girl, about the same age, but she was Asian, her hair was pin straight black, dark brown eyes, thick black eye liner, and she was kind of quiet.

"Yes, these are our new guest. J.C., Julia, and Sydney, this is David and Ashley. They will be giving you guys a special tour today. Have fun, bye see you guys later.” He waved goodbye and went into the building. I had no idea how he know my name and I didn't want to know.

"If you guys will follow us we will show you around the area." said David turning around and walking away knowing that we would be following him. David went up to the door to go into the building and swiped his card and we all just followed him into the building. The room that we walked into had a bunch of guns and weapons and things like that. "This is obviously were we keep all of the weapons so if you ever need them you know where they are.” Then we walking into a big hall way, it was very dull in the hall. "Down the hall at the very end there is a door and that is the armory."

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