Sydney Part 2

December 14, 2010
By ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
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I tried to get out of the guys grip but I was too weak and they were too strong. I was just staring at Aries as the elevator doors closed in my vision then he was gone. As we went up in the elevator I just laded there with my arms still in their grips and tears still rolling down my cheeks. The elevator beeped and the doors opened and they stepped out and throw me to the ground. I just laded there as they left. This room was an entire floor the outer walls were just windows that let all the sunlight in during the day. There two old guys in lab coats came over to me. They had gray hair and beards with little hints of black in them. They helped me get up and took me to a white bed. Then these two ladies came over and checked to see if I was OK. They were both average weight and height. One had brown hair and browns eyes like me, and the other had blonde hair and blue eyes. They put some new cloths on my bed so I could get out of the still kind of bloody cloths. They put a white curtain around my bed so I could have some privacy. Like the ones that you find in hospital rooms.

I put my head in the pillow, on the bed, and started crying for I don't know how long. All I know is that when I came in there was not light outside. I decided to change into the new cloths. They were white tank top that had the part that covers your stomach cut off and a pair of white pants. It defiantly was not my color, but everything was white so what could I do. I sat back on the bed when this little girl came in through the curtains. She was maybe 7 or 8. She was wearing what I was wearing but the stomach wasn't cut off. She had crystal clear blue eyes and blonde hair in a ponytail. She ran up to me grabbed my hand and pulled on it. “Come one." she said. I stood up and followed her into the big room. Everyone was sitting at a white long table with white chairs. “Its dinner time." she said pulling me to two empty seats. I sat down right next to her, and then everyone started to eat. There was turkey, ham, ribs, salad, fruits, vegetables, apple and pumpkin pie, and so much more.

“Eat” she said looking up at me. I took two ribs, an apple, and a piece of pumpkin pie. The ribs were nice and tender easy to get off the bone. Everyone was talking and having a good time, except me. As I was eating I could feel someone watching me. I looked up and down the table casually to see if someone at the table was watching me, and there was. This one guy about 10 people down on the opposite side of the table was staring at me. He was maybe 16 or 17, he had short brown hair, tan skin, and he was either Mediterranean or Native American. He was too far away for me to tell what color his eyes were but I could tell that if I was closer to him that they would be beautiful. He was wearing what all the other guys were wearing, a white pair of pants and a white shirt. Everyone slowly left the table to go play some games in the center of the room. There were card games like solitaire, go fish, and old maid. Some older people were playing chess and checkers. The younger kids were playing tag, hide and seek, and jump rope. I was staying at the table looking at all of the dirty dishes that they just left on the table.

“It’s OK they come and get them and clean them” someone said from behind me. Then I looked down the table and the guy was gone. I slowly turned and looked behind me, and there he was talking to me. “So you’re the new girl here that those guy left up here all bloody.”

“Um…. Yes, that’s me. Why? Who are you?” I asked just looking at him. Looking at him up and down. I was right his eyes up close where beautiful, they were a beautiful shade of crystal blue, with a slit hint of green. You could get lost forever if you stared at them long enough.

“I’m just some guy who was left here to die just like you. What’s your name?”

“Her name is Sydney, and his name is Marcellus Juba Caser, but we just call him J.C.” He turned to look behind and here came this girl that looked just like him. Same skin color, same color hair but hers went down to her hips, and eyes just like his. He turned back toward me and rolled his eyes.

“Thanks Julia Gallia Octavia nice to see you to. How am I? Great. Now can you leave?”

“Is that anyway to talk to your sister Marcellus?”

“How many times have I told you and the others not to call me that?”

“Many but I am your twin I don’t have to follow your rules. Besides she is new here she needs someone to talk to besides you and a little 6 year old girl. Hi, you know my full name but people call me Julia nice to finally meet you.” She stuck out her hand and I hesitated but shock it. “So what have you seen of this place?”

“Not a lot just my bed and this table.”

“Well good, we can give you the full tour of this joint trust me you will be here for a long time.”

“How do you know?”

“Marcellus and I have been here sense we where 6. Almost 10 years now.”

“Well trust me I will not be here that long.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“There are people out there that will start to look for me soon, they will find me.”

“Sorry if I offend you or your friends but they will never find you. Well now enough with the sad let’s get to the tour.” They both showed me where the bathrooms were, they are just like locker room at the high school that I went to. They also showed where the best place is to be alone, some of the places to go if you want some insight to what are going on in the building, which is in air vents, and I’m surprised that I can even fit in one. The last place they showed me was the best place to look at the city. You could see everything even thought it was dark you could see the outlines of the building, the forest, and the river. “Well that was fun and it was nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you too, both of you.”

“Lights out in 5 minutes!”One of the old guys in a lab coat yelled.

“Well we better get going then don’t want to be out of bed when the lights go off trust me. Well by Sydney see you tomorrow.” She gave me a hug and walked away.

“Well by Sydney.”

“Bye J.C.”He turned around and walked over to his sister. I turned around and went to my bed, I laid down pulled the covers over me and pulled the curtain around my bed and went to bed.

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addition to a dream(possable love match in the making ;)

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