Life and tales of Missy Rae

December 14, 2010
By Mandarae95 BRONZE, Auburn, Maine
Mandarae95 BRONZE, Auburn, Maine
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“Dear Lord! Missy look at the road ahead!” Bill exclaimed. “What is it that I am looking for?” Missy Rae asked. Then she lifted her head and she knew. The car was heading towards an area blocked by boulders. “We’ll never get through those alive!” Bill wailed. “But we can fly over these rocks.” Missy Rae pointed out. “Right you are exactly right!” Bill whooped, excited that there was a way out. Flying the car was what he had been trained for. Even so, just as he was getting ready to fly, he fainted, and Missy was all alone. She screamed, aghast at seeing him like this, for she had not a slightest clue on how to fly the car. Yet she was determined to figure it out. It was not as easy as she thought, but just as she was ready to fly, and was sure she had everything set up right, there came a strange noise. Ching, ching, ching.......

“Ching, Ching, Ching!” “Missy Rae! Get your butt up and shut your damn alarm clock off!” Her Dad bellowed, “Or you’ll be late for Driving School!” “Oh crap!” Missy thought, getting up and slamming her fist on her alarm. Seeing the time only made things worse, for now she knew how much time she had to get ready, and it wasn’t much. Rushing to get dressed and her things ready she tried to recall her dream, but found she couldn’t. Besides dreaming, lately she had been daydreaming a lot, and particularly about strange things. Yet she never knew how to describe what happened, for she couldn’t remember them. Finished getting ready, she rushed down the stairs and out the door, heading to her driving school. “Morning!” Mrs.Stacey greeted her as she stumbled through the door. “Morning Mrs.Stacy” Missy replied as she took her seat. “Okay class now take out your book and go to page 37, we’ll be talking about accidents that occur during certain weather conditions today,” “Okay, Now who knows,”.....

“Princess Missy! How are you today?” John asked. “I’ve been well thank you” She replied. There was little time for her to stay and talk, for she had to see Prince Bill who had been in a terrible accident and with little time she was certain she’d be late. She dashed down the hall, making no haste, and always looking around. In her time it was likely to be confronted by ghastly ghouls, who showed no mercy. Princess Missy did not want another accident to occur, and this time involving herself. Halfway to Bills room she heard a screech. Her deepest fear had come true, she knew she had to defeat a ghoul, or the person would be lost. She looked around her, not sure what to do, but then she saw what she needed. The laser hanging on the wall. She had to use that to destroy the ghoul. Grabbing the laser she bounded down the hall, coming to the persons rescue. Approaching the ghoul she heard the strangest sound. Clang, Clang, Clang.....

“Clang,Clang, Clang” “Missy wake up, pay attention to class and don’t be lazy!” Shouted Mrs.Stacy who was clanging a ruler on Missy’s desk. “Ok, Ok I’m up!” Missy retorted. She was so sick of people being rude to her. She couldn’t control her daydreams. They just happened, and frequently. It was something she could never figure out. “Ok class, times up now get out!” Mrs.Stacey joked. “Wonderful!” Missy thought while gathering her things. It was going to be a pain to catch up, even so she didn’t let that bring her down. She had time before she had to go home, and she didn’t want to go home. So she just laid down on the bench outside as she drifted off into yet another daydream.....

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