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DREAMS Personal Writing Assignment

The sound of the waves along the shore, the cool breeze on Huntington Beach, the smell of the clean cotton calms me as I slowly awaken. It is nine o’clock, and I have to go outside and get my horse ready for another great morning. I walk outside of the creamy-colored house, with the dark-blue shutters, and the white picket fence. I look up to see my husband on the balcony, painting the scene. As I click the latch of the white picket fence, I walk up the long driveway that is covered in seashells. I feel the shells crumble as my feet touch them. As I continue to the back yard I look at the stable, and see my horse, Destiny. She is a black Frisian, with a beautiful long black mane, that falls past her neck. I stop and think for a moment, and I realize how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful house, with a nice backyard. I take Destiny’s lead, and bring her out the fence to the beach. I step up on the sea-grass, and hop onto her back. I then start galloping down the beach with my long curly blonde hair flowing in the strong breeze. I then look up at the balcony to see my husband smiling. I look back, and continue to ride like the wind. At this time I wish I could do this forever, but soon it is time to get to work. My husband and I are artists, and I teach art lessons at an elementary school. Today is a special day though. We are going to the beach, and painting what we see. I arrive to work at eleven o’clock, because that is when the first art class starts. I pull my brand new silver Corvette into the teacher parking lot. I get out, removing my sunglasses, and I walk into the red brick building. I walk down the hallway, and I remember when I used to be young.

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