First Day of School

December 13, 2010
By writinganna421 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
writinganna421 BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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On his first day of Kindergarten, Little Moose noticed the sun gleaming through the window and the crisp, clear sky shining without a cloud in sight. Throughout the entire summer, he imagined how this first day might be, and it finally arrived.

Today is the first day he woke up to an alarm, and the loud, clanging sound frightened him. After a few seconds, he eagerly jumped out of bed and raced down the stairs toward the kitchen, remembering that he was going to school today! He could hardly contain his excitement!

When he arrived in the kitchen, an aromatic scent wafted into his nose. He could almost taste the maple syrup, chocolate chips, and best of all, blueberries! Little Moose’s mom made him pancakes! “Yum,” he thought.
“Pancakes!” he exclaimed, “I wish every day was the first day of school!”

“I wanted to make sure you started your day out on a happy note. Nobody wants to go to school hungry!” his mother responded.

Little Moose scarfed down all of the pancakes his mother placed on his plate, and he ran off to his room to get dressed.

“Do you need any help picking out clothes, honey?” his mother questioned, still standing in the kitchen.

“No thanks Mama,” he replied, “I can do it all by myself.”

When Little Moose arrived in his room, he switched on the radio and his favorite song was playing. Soon, he started jumping around, dancing. The next song to come on was “Baby Beluga,” yet another song that he really liked, so he happily whirled and danced without a care in the world.

“Are you almost finished Little Moose?” his mother yelled up the stairs. “It’s almost time to leave!”

Oh no, Little Moose thought to himself. I’ve spent all of this time dancing and now I won’t have time to pick out some clothes I really like. He could tell his mama that he had wasted time dancing, but he didn’t want to seem like someone who isn’t ready to go to school like a big Moose. No, he would figure out this dilemma all by himself.

So, Little Moose quickly looked around his room for some clothes to wear. He picked up the first pair of shorts he could find and then he threw on his favorite t-shirt. It was the shirt his grandma has given him on his last birthday. Hopefully his mama wouldn’t notice that it hadn’t been through the laundry in a few days.

“I’m coming Mama!” he announced.

Down the stairs he hopped, towards the front door where his mama waited for him.

“All ready?” she asked.

“Let’s go!” Little Moose exclaimed.

They stepped outside and felt the warmth of summer still hanging in the air. Sprinklers sprayed water all over, and Little Moose almost jumped into one when his mother yelled,
“Little Moose! What are you doing? Get over here or you’ll be wet and late to school!”
Little Moose reluctantly climbed into the back seat of the car and, before he knew it, they were off.

All of a sudden, the car came to a halt. Little Moose looked outside the window and saw the brown-brick school. A large field of grass covered the front, and off to the side, Little Moose could see a playground! They arrived! But Little Moose didn’t remember the school being so big. When he and his mom had previously taken a tour, it seemed so much smaller!

“Mama, I don’t want to go to school anymore,” he pleaded.

“Why not? You were so excited to go this morning.”

“The school is too big!” he confessed. “What if I get lost?”

“Oh you won’t get lost, Little Moose. There will be many teachers in the school just waiting to help a little moose that doesn’t know where he’s going.” She turned around to face Little Moose and she gave him a great big smacking kiss.

“Now run off Little Moose. You’ll love school and I know you can’t wait to meet new people and make a lot of friends today.”

Little Moose opened up the car door and bolted outside. He glanced back at his mom and she gave him a big thumbs up. She always knows how to make me feel prepared, he thought.

“What’s your name?” A little rabbit stood next to Little Moose with short brown hair and green eyes. He was much smaller than Little Moose, but not by much.

“Little Moose,” he replied. “It’s my first day of school!” Little Moose couldn’t contain his excitement. He could hardly wait to go outside and play on the playground, and he could just imagine playing on the soccer field with the new friends he’d make.

“It’s my first day too! I’m kind of nervous though. I’ve never been to school!” The little rabbit responded.

“I’m nervous too,” Little Moose replied. “What’s your name?”

“Charlie!” The little rabbit answered, “Do you want to walk into the school together?”

“Sure. Let’s go!” Little Moose exclaimed. It was only his first day of school, but Little Moose already made a friend. Now he wouldn’t be nervous about getting lost or not knowing anyone, because he had someone he could count on.

“I think I’m going to like school,” he thought to himself.

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