December 14, 2010
By ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
ravenmc123 SILVER, Fountain, Colorado
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I couldn't find out why I was so cold. When I finally came to I realized why I was so cold, I was in a hospital bed. In those ugly light blue, smock things, were it's like a little open in the back. Nothing in the room matches from a side table to the couch. For some reason I had an IV in me and some breathing tubes as well. I took them out, because I had to get out. My long brown hair was washed to get all the blood out. I got out of the bed and found my clothes on a chair. All the blood that I remember being in them was gone, but I think it might have stained my shirt. The last I remember my shirt was white with a skull not red with a faded skull. Both my shirt and blue jeans smelled like lilies, did the staff know that that was my favorite sent or was it a coincidence? I changed out of the smock thing and into my kind of clean clothes when I heard a noise at the door. It was like someone crating the door with their nails or claws. I wasn't sure whether or not to open ugly pale white door. Despite my bad thoughts, I opened the door. As I opened the door my Golden Retriever, Aries, came running in. He had blood on his coat; I was so scared that it was his. As I was looking over him to see if it was his blood, when I noticed a piece of paper in his collar, it was a note. I opened up the note and a necklace fell out. Aries came over and sniffed it. It was my dad’s dog tags, I didn’t go anywhere without them. How had they fallen off? I put that in the back of my mind and started reading the note. Some of the writing was difficult to read because of the blood on the note.

Dear Sydney,

if you are reading this than your dog has found you. I am willing to make a deal with you. If you bring me what I want than I will spare what you hold dear. Bring it to me at 6 o'clock sharp this Sunday night, and if you bring it and give it to me than you know what will happen. Hope you do the right thing.

Your friend,


I know what he wanted and who he would kill, but I just couldn't give it to him. He was defiantly not my friend; I got so angry at him that I ripped the note into tiny little pieces. I looked down at Aries and his blood on his coat. After that all I could think about was a way to get out. I went over to the window over by the couch and look out it was too high for me to jump without killing myself. Aries barked at the door and I know he know how to get out of the hospital. As I turned around I saw what Aries was barking at, it was a map. The map was of the floor and the building. It looked like the other maps that you see in the buildings that show you the emergency exits. It said that I was on the 13th floor of a 27 floor building. The only exits on the floor were the elevator and the stairs. My room was right in the middle of the floor so I could go to either one. I looked Aries and he looked at as if he knows my plan and he agreed with it.

I put my hand the doorknob and braced myself to run. As I turned the knob and opened the door just enough to peak out. I opened it up a little more and suck my head out to look down the hall in either direction. To my surprise no one was out in the hall. As if they don't care if people were in the hospital. As I walked out into the hall Aries followed cautiously. We went down the hall to the left of the room towards the elevator. I pushed on the down button. As the elevator beeped as it came up I got more nervous that someone would hear. Finally the beeping stopped and the doors opened. In the elevator were 2 big guys in black suits. Like the guys from Men in Black. I just looked at them, and then started walking slowly backwards then turned around and ran towards the stairs.

"Shot her!" one of the guys yelled. As I ran toward the stairs I heard gun shots and heard glass brake around me from them shooting pictures. They had really bad aim. Aries was in front of me and was able to get the door open. I ran though the door and down the stairs. I was 3 floors down when the guys ran through the door. They were still trying to shot at me. I got down to the first floor and I ran through the door and there he stood. With his robot hand, long black hair and beard, Jack. Jack kind of looked like Jake Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, but not cute like him or having the beads in the hair.

"Sick" He said and a big black deathound went after Aries. Deathounds’ are very fast, strong, and heavy despite being only skin and bones. He went straight for Aries. They fought for a little bit, and then Aries got pounded to the ground. Than the guys from before came through the door and grabbed my arms to restrain me. Jack started walking slowly toward me. “Well, well, well, look who came to visit me. It's so nice to see you again." He came up and coursed my cheek. I took my head and rammed it forward and hit him in the face. He stepped back and groaned in pain. His nose was bleeding down his face and to his mouth. Then the guys in black punched me in the stomach. I collapsed to the ground and blood came out of my mouth and on to the floor. “Take her away" Jack groaned. The guys in black picked me up and dragged me away.

As they dragged me my vision was blurry but I could see Aries trying to get out from under the deathound and attempting to bite him. Then the deathound opened its might jaws; from my angel you could see all of his 60 razor sharp teeth. He throws his head down and bit Aries in the neck. As Aries whimpered in pain blood was coming down his neck and to the floor. "Aries!" I yelled as my eyes welled up with water and tears started to slide down my cheeks. The last thing I saw was Aries body going still. My heart broke into a thousand pieces as I saw his still body just lying there. I felt so alone now like my heart was ripped out of my chest, like a part of me was gone forever, my other half, I just wanted to die right then and there with him.

The author's comments:
this is a dream and there will be more

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