December 5, 2010
By CrazyCatLady BRONZE, XXX, Other
CrazyCatLady BRONZE, XXX, Other
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In an illegal animal testing facility a pair of green eyes darted back and forth. They shined in the darkness of the dimly lit room. The eyes belonged to a black cat, he had lived there his whole life being infected with diseases then poked with needles till he was cured, some other animals weren’t so lucky. The cat wasn’t a soulless body, he had thoughts of his own too.


The strange men in white coats walk in, I hold my breath as they pause by my cage. Lucky for me they chose a small dog instead. I choke on the foul smelling chemicals in the air. I have never seen sunlight, only the harsh white light that streams down from the ceiling. All I know is I have to escape.

I blink, the men are coming! I start to panic, the door to the cage opens, the hands reach inside...... then calm. I run past the men in white coats , my eyes fixed on the slightly open door . It starts to close... faster, faster just a bit faster. I just manage to squeeze through, another room, how many of these rooms are there I wonder? The men in white coats are coming. I hide under a table, squeezing myself behind a box and silently watch. The men are puzzled and go back to the other room. Now is my chance. I see it, the sun! Just beyond that door is freedom! Out there I can start a new life. I push through the door, warm sunshine beats down on my fur, green grass and trees as far as my eyes can see. Life in the wild is going to be hard, but I’ve never felt so free!

The author's comments:
I wrote this story for a contest at my old school. I got an honorable mention. The person that won wrote a story about trolls...

The story had to be no longer than one page, I usually am no good at making stories that short, but I think this one turned out ok.

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