December 10, 2010
By Lady_in_Black BRONZE, Cayman Brac, Other
Lady_in_Black BRONZE, Cayman Brac, Other
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Her silhouette, draped by shadows, disappears into the darkness which grips the room.
A small crimson light barely illuminates his face as the smoke caresses him. His hands shake as he grips the chair’s arms. His eyes dart about the dimly lit room. The footsteps in the hallway fade. Her signal to move. She crosses the boundaries into the slivers of moonlight from the window.
She raises her hand and takes aim as he wriggles and tries to press into the very walls and escape.
“Bang.” Her words echoed inside his head.
He expected a gunshot but instead nothing, she heads for the door. He advances toward her, adrenaline flooding his veins. He stops short as his head begins to throb.
A flower blooms; red petals scatter about the room as does his mind. She slips out of the room and switches the card on the door from ‘Do Not Disturb’ to ‘Please Clean’.

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