Jebby the rabbit in bizare government.

December 4, 2010
By Worldjumper BRONZE, VA Beach, Virginia
Worldjumper BRONZE, VA Beach, Virginia
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Intelligence is my toy

One day Jebby was sitting on his couch watching some TV. Hello Jebby what are you doing today? I'm just sitting here watching TV out of boredom. Well look at channel 3. That’s the news what did you do now? Has Jebby changed the channel a man was saying that a young small rabbit named Jebby was wanted for attacking an old government scientist. What did you do! You actually made me a fugitive. Eh I thought it would be good for a laugh. Stop doing this. Just then a knock on the door caught Jebby’s attention. He answered it and a man with a suit was there and was about to attack Jebby on sight but Jebby closed the door. Screaming and he snuck out the back window and realized that more men in suits where surrounding his home. He quickly snuck into the forest. Hello yelled a loud voice from inside a tree. I'm Edward the squirrel and you must be hiding from something or someone. Are you avoiding some deep moral calling. No for some reason I'm wanted for attacking a government scientist. Oh you’re the man that stood up to the man that uses us cartoon animals to find out the way our body’s work with the laws of science said Edward. Well I don’t like it he is a big meanie and so is the writer of this no good story Jebby yelled! Well your obviously insane said Edward. But I like you if you want you can move in with me. I'm not gonna do that. Jebby then clinched his fists. And walked back to his home. He slammed the back door down on the floor. And began to swear like an old cartoon with random mumbling. He then jumped at one of the men attacking him and ripping off his tie. He then kicked him across the room with his big rabbit foot. He then yelled at them get out of my house! All the agents ran out of the room has fast as they could. Jebby then sat back on the couch with a large sigh. Hello Jebby how was your day? You know how it was said Jebby. Why on earth would you make me a wanted rabbit? I thought It would be funny. Well your comedy is my torture. Well what are you doing now? What do you think the story is almost over there isn’t much I can do. Right so I'm gonna end it now.

The author's comments:
This will be Jebby s second published work but i have other story's ready to be posted at any time.

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