Some arguments on a few topics.

December 9, 2010
By Anonymous

An idea of religion....

Religion isn't actually horrible, because some people do know that it is very necessary. Our money is God's and our talents and resources, so he should have most of what we are contributing for good things he wants, What I thought was really neat was that my mom was completely sober for around 51 years, or her whole life which wasn't something she could do without God's help, she's almost the only thing that keeps me where I am at. Still absolutely shocking to me.

Argument about our learning....
My argument about learning would be people from anywhere should not stop learning, because do you want to be a fool and maybe die one. lol Have you tried a little kindness, people do care to be treated nice, while things definitely can't be perfect. Here my argument ends. A definitely good one would be to learn a new language. Like me in another few years, maybe Spanish and German.

Argument on relationships....
On this one, you have to go and try to see how this one works. also a matter of do you want to have one. I would say around 2 years would be good to get used to them. Also, can you listen, good than you can hear also. You have to try in relationships.

The author's comments:
I think that I liked the idea of talking about people just starting in relationships that haven't had any experience with it. I have had mostly long-distance relationships so far.

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