"Just You and I"

December 9, 2010
When I am in this world nothing matters; not you, not I, not us, nor them, nothing matters. I tune out all the noise, the distractions, the movements. Not a sneeze, a crash, or a boom can break me from this world. Once I am here, baby I am gone. So when I am in my zone, once I have crossed over, let me go....let me be free; trust me I am better off there. I can meditate; I can breathe freely, and speak my mind. Do not worry; for it never gets out of control. When there are no rules none can possibly be broken. There are not any mishaps or misdemeanors, just goodness all over. Just know that I will return from this world. I will return back to reality once I have conquered all. Then once I am done I am all yours again. While I am in this zone I may be cranky and want time to myself but do not feel bad. It is only my temporary state. If I am prohibited from traveling to this world than what you are saying is that I am prohibited to breathe, to live. Then slowly I will be pulled away from you, for this is the air I breathe and without it I am mere organism on its last limb. You also must realize that you cannot enter this world with me. Interruption will result in war. Once we have had our time together then your time will follow. In the world that I live in with you there is only one rule and that is that we live in it together. The same rule applies when I am in my world with IT. It is a law that we live in it together. So when we sit and converse needless to say that writing is forever on my mind and that world of off-white paper and delicate pencil is scribbling its way through my memory.

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