December 7, 2010
Nails clawing down the backs of the two lovers. Who digs deeper? There is no answer for they both have dedicated their hateful emotions to their mutual, physical suffering. There's a shattered mirror with all of its little pieces scattered along the soft carpet. How did it get to this point? I think I see blood clinging to the sharp edges of the glass mirror. I leave the room, leave the problems that I cannot fix, leave the violence I cannot bring peace to. Then I see the sun, the light outside that makes sense of all that doesn't make sense inside these walls. Light to my mind. Freedom. The ability to expand my curiosity and direct it towards something other than my familial doubts. Ready to run? No. But ready to walk towards a life without regret, resentment, or loss of identity? Yes.

I can still hear screams while I'm outside and all I can think of it is, when will they shut up? Why can't they just deal with their differences and problems as mature adults should. Sit down. Take a deep breath. Calm down. I live in a beautiful world with beautiful people. Life is good. Where did all the noise go? Are they done yet? Who cares, I'm leaving to get this off my mind. I start walking because the fresh air brings tranquility to my agitated emotions. I see red lights in the distance. Then blue. Red and blue. Now noises. Sirens. The fighting's finally over.

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