Alone and Lonesome

December 6, 2010
Chapter 1: I Am Alone

I was alone. Nothing new, I’d always been alone, however everywhere I looked I saw people together. I think they called the people here called this day Valentine. I never truly understood why the people named days. Each time the couples in the park kissed it made me wonder: Was I really unattractive to the people?

Back home I was very attractive. Black-blue hair very shaggy, slender figure and blood red eyes is very beautiful. Here, at this school everyone looks the same though. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and all the girls wear blouses and skirts or leader cheerer uniforms. The boys wear jeans and a flannel shirt.

That is except Laurie Sang. Laurie looked more like me. Obsidian black hair that had a beautiful shine to it, eyes yellow as a cat’s, her favorite colors being royal blues and the darker purples. I supposed she was royalty, but as I looked through my window I saw the queen crying on a bench. After contemplating I decided to see why.

That way we can be alone together.

Chapter 2: Laurie The Queen

The children giggle as I pass. Finally I see Laurie, beautiful as ever, crying silent cries. I’m truly surprised no one notices her queen. I make my way downwards, only to be stopped by Miki. She went to a private school, and she was the only person I ever met that can look like a ginger anime character and act like it too.

“Hello. You’re Fang 1Nosferatu right? Like vampire teeth? That’s a cool name!” she greeted.

“Hello. You’re Miki?” I asked. She nodded. She tried to keep talking but I shook her off. She smelled to nice.

I got up to Miss Laurie on the bench. “Laurie?” I asked.
“WHAT?” She demanded. I did not want to loose my nerve to a human girl but she was scary!

“I noticed you crying. What is wrong?” I asked soothingly.

“If you must know mother and father disowned me. I have no relatives to go to. I am alone.” She was alone. I was alone. I had a small mansion, and hated my lonesomeness on the day for Valentine. “Come to my home. It is welcome for the lonesome.” The words escaped me.
“I am alone.” She repeated. Suddenly I realized what I just did. I, Fang Rode, a vampire, had just invited a human queen, Laurie Sang, into my house.

Chapter 3: Miki The Anime

As I escorted Laurie to her new castle I was afraid it would be hard to stand. She smelled of darkness and tears and hate and death and care and all my favorite emotions bundled up into a beautifully terrifying package and sent to my front door. But more importantly she was still alive. She had real blood running through her veins and a real soul deep inside her.

I forgot humans eat a lot everyday (more than a pint of blood or an apple) so quickly I ran to Mega-Low to pick up food I could swallow and she could love. I saw those delicious fruits like star fruit, dewberries, and honeydew melon. I figured a fruit salad would work so I grabbed all the fruits I could find and ran to check out. Miki my anime friend was working check out. As usually she smelled of herbs and cherry blossom. “Fancy meeting you here.” She declared.

“Well the queen awaits.” I said figuring I could brag about Laurie the Queen living in my home. “You have a girlfriend? I am so proud of you! What’s her name? Is it Laurie? I could see you two together! She once told me you had pretty eyes and I was like ‘yeah red eyes are cool…’ Wait you should tell me if it’s Laurie or not I’m just dying to know!” Miki is sweet but she is just as scary as Laurie in her own special way.

“Laurie isn’t my girlfriend she’s just sleeping at my house. Like a sleepover.” I told her.

“Oh… I didn’t realize she wasn’t dating you. You guys would make an adorable couple. But if there’s another girl you like you should go out with her instead she might be cuter or do you like cute or hot or beautiful or what?” she slowed down. We stood in silence for the longest time. Finally she rang the last of my fruit up. “Hey Fang? Are you smart in chemistry? I’m failing and I need to pass to go to Broadway with my dad to try out for Mittens.” She asked

“I’m not that great. I have a ninety-nine in chemistry because I missed a day and didn’t get the notes until just before the test.” I confessed. I was such a horrible student.

“Omigosh please tutor me I can’t fail!” She begged.

“Ok. Me, you and Laurie can have a studious party tomorrow. That’s our next test.”

“Thank you so much! Dad will be thrilled. I’ll bring a lot of…” She peered into the grocery bag. “Fruit! Especially kiwi’s and raspberries and the exotic fruits.”

“See you then.” I called as I dashed out the door.

Chapter 4: Laurie The Beautiful Brain

“That you Mr. Vampire?” Laurie calls. How did she find out? Who told her? Did I leave my room door open? Should I play it cool or act like I know what she’s talking about or freeze or die or what? “You’re room has a coffin. That’s so retro. I like it.” She told me.

“Do you think I am a vampire?” I asked being as unworried as I could.

“You, vampire. That’s really gothic. The red eyes, sharp teeth, cute but incredibly pale and sickly white skin, I never put it together. What kind are you? Twilight or Dracula?” I stared at her blankly. “Those are vampires!” I remembered the movies mama told me.

“Those are pretend kinds. The real kind is more Dracula-like but eat fruit and blood and go outside but don’t get a tan. We get whiter.” I explained. So much for playing it cool. “By the way tomorrow Miki Suzuki is coming over to study. She will bring you human snacks.” I warned her.

“Cool. You didn’t invite me over so you could bite me while I’m meek did you? Because I will bite you if you try, unless I say so.”

Soon we left each other for sleep and I had a mysterious dream. Laurie sat next to me in the moonlight wearing a black dress, torn at the seams, and she just stood there, looking beautiful. Soon she leaned in closer to me whispered in my ear with intoxicating apple-cinnamon breath “I may love you.” Then she disappeared. Again I felt alone.

The dream confused my feelings. Laurie managed to figure me out quickly and melted me smoothly. I had heard girls that did this to you were the ones you loved. So did I love Laurie?

Miki The Lonesome

The next night Laurie and I got the house picked up so it wasn’t completely atrocious for Miki Suzuki. As we cleaned we tried to converse to pass the time.

“So Jacob thought I was emotionless, and I told him ‘my emotions are there!’ But he and Caroline are just to blonde to see.” She started.

“Caroline hates you’re difference to the rest of them. You’re not soft spoken like I. She wants to be the queen of mean.” I told her. “By the way, what does Sang mean?

“It’s blood in French.”

“So you are Laurie French Blood? I’ll call you that! So Laurie French Blood did you eat delicious food today?”

By the time Miki got to my house me and Laurie had conversed enough to where we were passing along inside jokes.

“And so she said we sing!
And they let it out again
Bring it on
Bring it in
Well fight till the end
So don’t give up
No don’t give up
Because I love you!” Laurie sang.

“Take me out of the picture
And you’ll loose all we had
Take me out of the picture
And you’ll loose the best thing about you” I followed

“Don’t loose it
Don’t loose it
Try and try again
I only try for you
Kiss me goodbye
Love me tonight
We’ll make it through
Just one more time” We both sang.

“I love that song. I don’t know they lyrics at all but I love that song!” Miki said wanting to be involved. I felt sorry for her. She wasn’t in the gothic crowd, so she didn’t get our giggles.

“For real let’s study!” I told the girls.

“You are so antisocial! You have two females in your mansion and you want to study!” Laurie screamed out laughing.

Laurie and I had a lot of fun. I don’t remember when Miki left. Then again she could still be in my house. I wasn’t focused on her.

“Laurie I’m going to the store.” I declared the next day.

At MegaLow I saw Miki. I figured I’d say hello we were friends. As I walked towards her I found her sobbing. Does every girl in town sob when I come near?

“…Unfair…failed test… he promised to teach…I brought snacks.” I tapped her on the shoulder. She looked up. “Welcome to MegaLow…It’s you. What?” She said. She appeared to be angry. But why?

“Why are you sobbing like a three-year old?” I asked.

“I got a 71 on my chemistry test thanks to you and Laurie. What happened to ‘I’ll help you because Mr. Vampy teeth is smarticle’?” Then she continued sobbing.

“I’m sorry?”

“Is that a question?”

“Of course not. I really am sorry. I just really get confused with what to say to girls here. I’m bad at apologizing.” I confessed.

“The truth is I’m upset because…I think you’re really sweet and kind and I like you a lot and I was upset because Laurie and you might be dating and I didn’t know this gothic stuff to make you like me but I guess you should like me for me and not that gothic stuff and I’m really sorry. I’m a lot nicer truly but…” she trailed on.

“I have to go.” I said.

Back at the mansion I went to the coffin. I sat for the rest of the day.

Chapter 5: Fang The Loved

“I brought you fruit.” Laurie came into my room. “You seem upset. I can’t have you like that? What is wrong?” She asked. I really didn’t want to talk about it.

“I don’t want my best friend upset. Please talk to me.” She pleaded.

“I’m your best friend?” I asked.

“Yes. I want to ask you something.”


“Do you love me?”

I burst into tears. “I don’t know, I don’t know.” I cried. “Get out! Leave me, go get away!” I shouted.

“What’s wrong? You’re scaring me Fang! Stop it. I love you.” Laurie screamed.

“Get out of my house!” I told her. “Talk to Miki or Olive or Jackie but, leave me!

I couldn’t concentrate! I loved them both, but I didn’t know which one I loved more. Miki, the redhead anime or Laurie the gothic queen. It really was hard to choose from.

Miki had announced she loved me first. She was just as lonesome as I. Miki was so energetic and fun to be around, and had red hair. She had told me everything on her mind but still be listen to me thoughts. She loved me after all I put her through.

But Laurie was smart, fun to talk to, beautiful, gothic with a touch of punk, loving, cared for me. She melts me like butter, but she tries not to. I loved her smile, and her smell. She could talk to me, as if I were a regular boy and not a vampire. And I helped her, so she wasn’t alone.

I thought about it. I loved my friends. I thought, “Who do I love?” I looked at my blank mirror. I felt my eyes stare closely at me. “I hate you! Stop staring at me!” I yelled at myself. I threw my shoe at the mirror and it shattered.

I picked up a broken piece and realized that I was much like the mirror. One large ting in its life managed to break it. It would take time to put me together. Up until now I was alone and liked that. Then I found Laurie French Blood crying and met Miki from the private school and finally I had friends. Friends that loved me. I was confused. Now I was shattered. I was broken. I needed anything to make me feel better. Quickly I tuned on the radio.

“And so she said we sing!
And they let it out again
Bring it on
Bring it in
Well fight till the end
So don’t give up
No don’t give up
Because I love you!” This was the song Laurie and I sang. The one Miki didn’t know.

Take me out of the picture
And you’ll loose all we had
Take me out of the picture
And you’ll loose the best thing about you

Don’t loose it
Don’t loose it
Try and try again
I only try for you
Kiss me goodbye
Love me tonight
We’ll make it through
Just one more time

“She doesn’t see me
Looking at her looking at me
We would be
Perfect for each other
Compliment one another” I forgot this part of the song.

“But she scares me
I’ve seen the best and the worst
Hoping and hurting
And I know my choice now
It’s my dear girl

Suddenly I knew which girl I chose. It was no competition now that I thought about it.

Chapter 6: Fang The Boyfriend

I called my two friends over to my home. I realized this would involve crying. I loved my friends and hated hurting one.

“I realized I’ve been a bit odd recently. I feel I should tell you Miki, I am a vampire.” I informed.

“Well no duh! You didn’t go to the only food store in town until Laurie came and, only bought fruit. No human eats just fruit.” The humans here notice it all!

“Well you’ve both told me, you love me. The truth is I love you both. But I promised myself to pick a girl and well I chose…Laurie French Blood.” I began. Her face lit up. “To be my best friend. I’m really sorry, but you and me click way too well for me to be in a proper relationship with you with out feeling awkward. Miki, do you still love me after all I put you through? After I gave you a 71 on a chemistry test? I promise we can have a real studious party tomorrow. I was affected by your kindness and I love you because whether you talk a lot or don’t talk you’re fun to be around. I love that.”

So this was about the time a story where everyone is happy suddenly gets a twist. Fortunately our story does.

Me, my girl friend Miki Suzuki, and my best friend Laurie French Blood, walked along the stretch of road laid out before us waiting for something exciting. Laurie was very upset for her lack of a happily ever after.

“Something wrong Laurie?” I asked.

“I miss my dad. He said if I left his house he never wanted to see me again.” She said on the verge of crying.

“Why did you get kicked out of your house? Don’t tell me if you don’t want to but, I just really want to know but if you don’t want to share I’ll understand.” Miki spoke.

“Well I started to walk out of the house with my regular attire, royal blue skinny jeans below the knee being ripped to shreds, dark purple hair extensions, black t-shirt with blood red splatters and a little hole in the back. I put a little gold tank to hide the hole, but daddy didn’t like it. He told me that being a 2blueblood I should not wear ripped clothes, but I told him I may be a French blueblood but I am always a gothic queen. He told me if I left his house looking gothic and having the hole I would never be allowed back. I chose to leave. I made a foolish mistake and I regretted it immediately but I was too prideful to let my father win our war. Now he will never take me back as his child. I need my father!” Laurie burst into sobs. I realized even if I, Fang Nosferatu, had chosen her as my girlfriend and not my best friend Laurie would still be alone.

“3Faye do you hear Laura? Laura?” A male voice called out.

“4Pére?” Laurie called, jade green eyeliner running down her pale face.

Laurie’s father walked out of the forest across the road, followed by a petite woman, I presumed to be her mother. “Laura! Faye I see our baby!” Mr. Sang exclaimed.

“Pére! 5Mére! You found me!” Said Laurie. “I’m sorry I was so 6enfantin. Am I forgiven? Laurie sobbed in her father’s arms.

“7Oui.” Her mother answered. She had a light French accent. Much like Laurie’s when Laurie spoke in French.

So now Laurie had a happily ever after. For she in her father’s arms and by her mother’s side was no longer alone.

Chapter 7: We Are Not Alone

So finally I got my first date. Miki found this fact astounding because in Transylvania vampires were attractive. But the truth was that I found no one attractive.

“Up until now, alone was good for me. I knew alone because the man that bit me took my blood and my soul away. So I was ok being antisocial. Till now, because I know people can be both cruel and kind.” I told my beloved.

“You still have a soul. If you were soulless, you would have bit Laurie and I immediately. But you didn’t so you have a soul love.” Miki Suzuki explained to me.

So for this date Miki prepared a special picnic and took me to a tall hill. “I always wanted a translucent beau.” She said referring to the fact the sun turned my skin paler.

So we sat. As the sun sat Miki Suzuki grabbed my hand and for once I knew: No one is always alone. For I, Fang Nosferatu, was no longer alone.

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