Scrooge's Clerk

November 28, 2010
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The room was dark and chilly, lit and warmed only by a small piece of coal. I rubbed my hands together, attempting to warm them. Scrooge’s office was warmer, if just barely. The dark shadows ran together as I anxiously scribbled my way across all the documents. A clerk, I was, underpaid, but what! I will take what I can, if the means assist all in my family exist another day. When my manager Scrooge’s nephew walked in, blowing wintry air into the already bitter room, he brought a bit of light into the depressing area.

“Merry Christmas!” he called.

Scrooge then proceeded to be dark and exasperated, as the two then bickered over what Christmas was really about. Scrooge wasn’t the best of fellows. Not exactly honest or friendly, his evil eye loved money, shorting all in their payments, and taking more than needed. He was the most frugal fellow I’ve come across in my entire life. But, alas, survival is survival, and Tiny Tim must live another day, poor fellow. I persist.

As Master Scrooge’s nephew left, wishing me a hearty Merry Christmas, Scrooge entered my workspace even more ill-tempered than before. He gave me the next day (Christmas Day!) off, and we both left.

Alas, as I said, not the job I would have picked, but I am lucky enough to have a caring family and a job. Maybe the reason Scrooge is so annoyed all the time is that all he has to love him is that nephew. He has no wife or family. The poor soul.

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maglove97 said...
Dec. 19, 2010 at 6:33 pm
That was not the picture I tried to put up... Alas, computers hate me...
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