November 30, 2010
Not knowing any better and not listening to common sense brought me to the place where I am now.
"Just try it one time, it's not going to get you hooked."
"Just take it and act like you're just browsing."
"Come on baby, don't you love me?"
"You're still a virgin??!"
"If you really loved me, you will give it up."
These are just a very small percentage of the things I've heard and unconsciously done with out things of threatening consequences of my life. Letting the people I called "friends" "love" "supporters", tore me down into a dark little room of despair. Not even the thought finding light to guide me on a better road came to mine. I wanted to be perfect.
I wanted to be cool.
I wanted to be praised.
I wanted to be loved.
I wanted to just simply.......FIT IN.
Can things change and become "normal" again? Can I live this new type of reputation down?
Misguided....story coming soon

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