Jebby the Rabbit in the danger of thinking

November 29, 2010
By Worldjumper BRONZE, VA Beach, Virginia
Worldjumper BRONZE, VA Beach, Virginia
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Intelligence is my toy

While Jebby was sitting down on his computer trying to figure out how to become a writer himself he came up with the idea of another persona. Jebby what are you doing? Ah it’s you again said Jebby in fear. Yes it’s me I'm the writer there is no you without me. Oh and look at your computer. Jebby then looks at it rather confused. He saw that our shared script was on his computer. Stop messing with me let me just live a normal life said Jebby. He then ran out his door has fast has he could once he had left the house he thought he was safe by hiding in the nearby dumpster. He then poked his head out to see if I was around. He then crawled out and bolted to a big building and snuck in. He then saw a bunch of men working on some random inventions down below him. He looked down in confusion. He then fell down onto a table where one of the inventors was working. The inventor looked at Jebby in a confused way. He then grabbed Jebby. And stuck him to a small rocket. He then pushed a small red button which made the rocket ignite. Jebby then screamed has he flown into the air. He then flew out of the building screaming trying to get control of the rocket. He continued to scream and said. Help me writer person I'm gonna die. He said while flying over some buildings. The rocket then stopped has he came over another one of the buildings. He was screaming has he fell. Once he was inches away he saw the same scientists that strapped the rocket to the small rabbit. The man caught the rabbit and stuffed him in his car and drove off. Jebby woke up in a small cage where the scientist was building a new rocket even bigger this time. Let me go yelled Jebby to the scientist. The man looked at the small rabbit with his big glasses making his eyes huge. He then continued on with his work. Your enjoying this right you asked Jebby? Very much so I replied. Your suffering is humorous hey the lock is broken. Jebby then took the lock off of the door and snuck out of the laboratory and successfully made it outside. He then ran back to his house and locked the door behind him and closed all the blinds. While he was heavily panting he sat down in front of his computer and shut it off. You can have fun with this writing stuff I'm just along for the ride.

The author's comments:
Well Jebby might just be my Mickey mouse based heavily off Oswald the lucky rabbit. Jebby will quite often break the 4th wall.

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