Stone Eyes

November 25, 2010
Ignore the stone eyes that burn into your skin. Never look back at them. You can’t look back. You’re frozen. Ignore. Don’t think, feel, act. Don’t be.
Their eyes; they tell a story. A story of despair, betrayal.
Believe it or not, they people these eyes belong to were once your best friends.
You try to focus. You look at your history test and stare. They eyes; they made your mind blank. They made you forget. You feel them. But you wouldn’t dare to look. Never give them the satisfaction of knowing that you feel what they want you to feel. But they will.
They’re so perfect. Or they think they are. You know better. You know that being perfect is not achieved by perfect hair, perfect makeup, or perfect clothes. They are unreal. How they act, think, feel, be. That’s not them. That’s their pretty little packaging. They’re beautiful. And they LOVE it. They’re in love with themselves. Those eyes. They do NOT belong to the once amazing, loyal friends you had two days ago. Those two days affected your life more than you know possible.
Their eyes divert. Your feeling fades and you’re able to focus again. You feel, for lack of a better word, alive again. The feeling is short lived. Immediately, you want to look back at them. To stare. You want them to burn under the rays coming from your eyes. To watch their skin melt into a small pool on the linoleum floor. You’ve got five minutes left to finish your test.
Screw it, you think. You would gladly take a failing grade for that one second of seeing how uncomfortable they are under your stare. How they squirm, and twist. Seeing how badly you’re affecting them. For a moment, you freeze, they freeze and the world isn’t turning. You think to yourself about how you’re just like them. You wear the same clothes, and you had never admitted this before, but you realize that you really cared what these people thought of you. You now understand that you really can’t be judging these people.
The bell rings. Your test ended and you haven’t answered a single question. You will walk away. ENOUGH.

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