Weeks To Live

November 24, 2010

I am a girl and today is Monday and it sucks. It's been a long day, I got a migraine, I wanted to go home since before I left. Today was the day you decided what you wanted. That you wanted to talk about it some more, but you know what? You're annoying. I hate you. I hate the fact that I don't really hate you at all a lot more though.


I am still a girl. You are still a boy. This all still sucks. Our project was due today, thanks for the criticism of my drawing. Hey, maybe if you drew it, it would have been better. You had me laughing all of third and told me I looked nice. Great adjective, no? I don't even know what that means. I spent all of fourth dissecting it with my friend.

Today was a good day.


Oh yeah, happy hump day. Still, feeling pretty inadequate, check mark for Wednesday. I am tired of side stepping the truth and I would like to channel Taylor Swift and write an obnoxious song about you. Except you're not mine and you never have been. Plus I doubt Taylor Swift would call you an arrogant jacka**. Not really her style.


You aren't at school today. I'm there, but I'm not really.
I know I messed up.
I miss you.
I spend too much time lost in my own head today that I'm shocked that I missed the rumor.
If I were you, I'd never come back.


So now it's Friday and it's been a long week. Still a girl, yep. Just checked. You're a boy. I'll take your word for it. But not just a boy; the boy, my boy. Movies tonight, you pick me up at 7.


Up down up down up down up down
I hate roller coasters, seriously. Worse? Emotional roller coasters. Makes my stomach do three times as many flips. Besides, amusement parks are just not sanitary.
Good bad good bad good bad good bad
I'm not really into the superlatives either.
One steady, constant stream of happy.


Nah, you tell me I'm incoherent, you don't understand me, I'm moody and change my mind. Um sir, I don't particularly like you reading my thoughts and publicizing them on a billboard, thanks..Oh they keep coming. Thoughtless, careless, tactless, fearless. So basically all these -lesses make me a negative human being? Cooooooooooooool.

No, that's not what I meant, wow why are you so stubborn? haha But you love me, so there.
Take that.

All I've got to say is, that I warned you.

I am only a girl.


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