The Experience of Having a Book

November 26, 2010
By Anonymous

I was walking into the book store when I was hit with the fresh, earthy smell of new books. When I grabbed my book and started toward the check out i realized that books are enchanting worlds where people love to go and get away from reality. It just depends how you feel about a book.

A books smooth pages smell of fresh, ink pressed paper and the evicting taste of mysteries and fantasies; the sound of pages ruffling in the wind all make up a book. A book is like falling into a land of happiness where nothing is important and everything tastes like candy. Getting a new book can be as thrilling as an adult hearing their child's first word or hearing the crowd cheering for the football team that just made the winning touchdown. Pages rustle like leaves rustling in the wind and the clean , pale pages hold hundreds of tiny black words that make up hundreds of pages.

Opening a book and turning the first smooth page can smell of the wide, open country that engulfs the reader immediately. Having a book gives a person an imagination like a little girl playing with Barbie's with her imaginary friend, Black, tiny words are wrapped around your mind in only a few seconds of reading the book and are creating a beautiful wonderland to escape into.

The tearing of eyes from reading to long or the exhaustion hitting from every direction, the piercing sting of the paper from turning a page to quickly and the upsetting cliff hanger at the end are all side effects of a great book. A book is like entering a fairytale that smells of fresh cut grass , feels like smooth, cold river stones, sounding like the whispering wind, the taste of alluring adventure and the enchanting, glossy black cover tempts the reader to open the book and buy it.

"Excuse me miss", says the cashier, trying to get my attention snaps me out of my thoughts. I pay form my new book and walk out of the building that holds hundreds of so many different mysterious worlds.

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