Cassie and the Magical Book, Part I

November 23, 2010
By xxxindiexxx BRONZE, Marie Ter, New York
xxxindiexxx BRONZE, Marie Ter, New York
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September 5th 8:00a.m
RING…..RING…..RING…..RI- “Five thirty is way too early to get up for school” I mumbled. “It’s my first day of senior year, I already hate it” She told her father. My dark brown hair was incredibly frizzy and my brown eyes were the most watery they have ever been.
When I was born my mother had disappeared. My father never talks about her or how she disappeared anymore. All he says is how much I look like her. My father also said my mother and I share a very special and rare quality but he never said what exactly it was.
Later on in the day during lunch, I went to check out the library when a big old book caught my eye. It was called “Guide for Starter Witches” Ha! What a phony. I decided to look at the book thinking how funny it would be. I whispered the first ‘spell’. Spin around touch the ground whirl around, make wind now!”
“Oh my!” the librarian screamed “Tornado!” The book was real but before I had time to say anything I decided to find a spell to clean this mess up. I found a spell called “The Reversal Spell” And it went like this: “Take this mess, of someone’s careless mistake, clean it up for everyone’s shake!” And just like that, everything was gone, and anything that was broken was fixed.
Oh, no. Everyone is staring at me! I hope they don’t know I did it!
“Cassie? You can keep the book I think you will need it” said the librarian as she walked over the phone.
I thought it was about me. I need to find a spell to hear what she is saying. “Listen, listen, here, here, give me the ear of a bat-”
“Hey!” shouted a guy with chocolate brown eyes and matching hair “Did you create that storm with that book?”
“Listen, you saw nothing. I think this is confusing for you but it also is for me. My name is Cassie”. Starter Witches
“My name is Randy. Why are es you so upset about that- I mean it was kind of awesome for a beginner. I’ll tell you what, come over my house after school. I think I can help you. My address is 15522 Lincoln Ave.”
“I’m not sure… I might stop by. If so, see you then.” I spoke uneasily.

September 5th 3:00 pm
Ding! Dong!
“Um, hi I am looking for Randy.”
“Hi. I am Miss Allen. Who are you?”
“I am Cassie McGovern”
“Oh yes! He has been talking about you since he got home. And I would watch out- I think he may have a crush on you!”
“Oh” I said as my faced turned as red as a rose “I don’t think so.”
“I know a woman who had a daughter- but they got separated a long time ago. Its weird she looks exactly like you. She lives at 189 Dawson Ave. But I am not sure if she is there. I haven’t seen her in a week or so”
“Thanks. Do you know her name?”
“Oh yes it is Aria. She is such a sweet young woman. Oh! I think Randy is ready to see you now!”
“Thanks and it was nice meeting you!” I said as I walked towards the hallway.
As Cassie walked to Randy’s room she couldn’t help but notice how many pictures there were.
Wow! This is so cool.
“Thanks. Maybe I can show you the rest sometime.” said Randy as he appeared out of the blue.
“Wait, does that mean you can…?”
“Yeah, um if you want to know how to control your powers, I’ll be happy to help. Maybe I will teach you how to do that if you’re a fast learner”
“Um, powers?” Cassie said
“You’re a witch. What do you say? Wanna give it a try? Do you know anything about magic”?
“Not a thing.”
“What day is good for you to start your lessons”?
“Anytime is great.”
“Sure! How’s tomorrow? Since tomorrow is Saturday we will have all day to practice. Bring these things for the lesson and if you need help or anything my number is at the bottom of the page. Feel free to call me”
“Thanks, see you around?”
“Yeah sure, anytime”
As Cassie walked away she peeked at the list.
-toe jam
-the “book”
-a towel
-bathing suit

As Cassie read the list, she couldn’t help but think how random the list was. But she knew she was too excited to care.

September 6th 9am
As Cassie walked to Randy’s front yard, she heard a voice. It was Randy.
“Hey come in the backyard”
“Okay I’ll be right there!”
When Cassie entered the yard she saw, a little blow-up pool, a couple of gallons of Apple juice, and Randy in his bathing suit.
“What’s all of this?”
“Oh, it’s nothing really. All you have to do is pour all the ingredients into the pool, and call out these words:

I want to know,

One simple thing,

Now I shall know,

And Let it be!

Cassie did as Randy instructed and at the moment she recited the poem, all she was thinking about was how cute Randy looked in his bathing suit. Oh, he is so dreamy!
Then all of a sudden Randy said “Cassie, will you go out with me?”
“Excuse me? Oh yeah I forgot, you can read minds. Good joke. I’ll try to contain myself next time.” Cassie said sarcastically.
“Don’t worry about it but I wasn’t kidding. I really like you. You’re different.” Randy said.
“That’s a relief. I like you too. I would be honored to be your girlfriend.” I said truthfully.
“Than I hope you wouldn’t mind if I did this.” As randy leaned over and kissed me. In that moment I felt so happy, the way his lips touched mine. It was like something pulling us together. That was the best kiss I have or will ever have in my entire lifetime.
“I’m sorry; I don’t know what came over me. I think we should get back to the potion.” He said the moment we stopped kissing.
“No, it’s alright. I am glad you did that, but you are probably right. We should get back to the potion.” I immediately said.
“Alright then, Cass put a string of your hair into the pool with one of your toenails. Then, recite the spell and ask 3 questions. If yes the water will turn green if no the water will turn red. Got it? Now I’ll go get us some drinks while you ask the questions.”
“Ok then” I said finally
After Randy left I thought about what to ask when it finally came to me.
“Is my mom here in Woodstock, NY at 15522 Lincoln Ave?”
The water turned a light shade of green. Looks like I will go visit her tomorrow! I am finally going to meet my mother! Oh! Two more questions to go.
“Does my dad know Aria is here?” The water turned a deep red. Well at least it will be a little easier for me to sneak around and find out more of my mom. I know the perfect place to start. The upstairs attic. My father locked the doors from the inside but little does he know; I have the one door behind all my clothes in the closet that leads up to the attic.
I was up there a few times when I was little, but only when I made art projects so I wouldn’t mess my room up. Maybe there are some pictures and stuff up there or information. Alright, last question. It sounds kind of goofy but…
“Does my mom still love my dad?” I mumbled.
After a few minutes, the water turned green. I realized I need to find her a soon as I get more information about her.
“Hey here is some lemonade. Are you alright?” Randy said as he handed me the cool and refreshing drink.
“Yeah I just want to ask you something.” I replied.
“Sure. Shoot.”
“I need to find information about my mother. She is here in Woodstock. I found out she lives at 15522 Lincoln Ave. I want to find more info on her before I meet her, but I was wondering if you wanna help me. You know, do this…together?” I asked.
“I would only do that for someone I love.” Randy replied
“Oh, I am sorry. Its ok, you don’t have to.”
“Let me finish. I would only do that for someone I love and that is exactly why I am going to do it.”

September 7th 10:34 am

“Dad can you get the door for me? I’ll be down in a sec.”
“Sure thing, hon.” My father yelled from the living room.
As my father opened the door I heard him sigh and say: “You must be Randy. Cassie is getting ready, feel free to go up there. I’ll be at work till 8 tonight, but don’t try anything or else. You got that?”
“Yes, sir. Don’t worry. We are just science lab partners and we are going to the library later on. There will be supervisors.” Randy said respectively.
“See you later Cassie! Bye Randy.” My father yelled as he headed for the garage.
The second he left, Randy came right upstairs into my room and said: “I missed you” Right before we kissed. It’s becoming normal now. I showed Randy the way to the attic. We searched for 2 hours and 30 mins and finally found 2 or 3 boxes about her life. Aria grew up here in Woodstock but moved to New York for a few years to study photography. Since she was a photographer, she had so many pictures of herself and of me. She is so beautiful. It says she had me when she was 16 so that makes her 30 or so. We even found some pictures of dad when he was a little younger. We all looked so happy. I have always wondered why Aria left us. In my mind, it then clicked. Aria is a witch. That is the special quality we shared. It still doesn’t really explain why she left though. Once again Randy must have heard my thoughts.
“You may be right on that part but if she is a witch, then she has to have a spell book. Aria either has it with her or it’s up here in one of these boxes. We need to find the book because every family has a different power source and for you to get started, we need to know what special instinct or quality you have. My family comes from the mind senses. We can control certain people’s minds or read them. You may have water, fire, mind, earth, air, or mystic. Mystic is the rarest. Only few families have it and most of the few families have died out.” Randy said right away.
“What can the mystic families do?”
“They can master all the powers with the help of at least 1 elder. A mother or a grandmother will be good.”
“I probably won’t be a mystic. It seems to high class!” I laughed.
“I guess you could say that.” Randy said sarcastically.
BAM! A door slammed coming from downstairs.
“That can’t be my dad. He is too early. Let me check and call him.”
As I dialed my dad’s cell phone, and he said he was still at work. You could hear the person walking up the stairs. Luckily we are safe in the attic. Thank lord dad locked all the doors. I told Randy and he said to be quiet and just sit still. A few moments had passed and suddenly the door to the attic from my closet creaked slightly open.
“Follow me I know what to do, just keep quiet.” I spoke so ever so softly.
I guided Randy to the open window and we both slipped out unnoticed. We watched through the window while a tall dark haired women tip-toed into the room. She had a big coach bag with her over her black hooded raincoat. The women dropped a package in one of the boxes Randy and I found and took a picture out of one of the newest boxes put up in the attic. Then the women quickly walked away. Many minutes passed by before we thought it was safe to go back in. I immediately went right to the package. A note was on the top.
My dearest Cassie.
You must be so successful in life so far. I always knew you would be. By the time you get thins I will be long gone. I am traveling somewhere safe for me and if you are smart enough to find me (which I believe you are) we can be safe together. As I hope you know, you are very special. I left the booking the chimney. Get it soon as possible. You are a mystic so you must start training right away.
I love you more than you can imagine.
-Mom xoxo
As I read the letter, I cried the hardest I have ever cried. Even when Randy held me in his arms, I still felt horrible. Then it hit me. I need to go now. I need to go to her apartment-NOW.
“Randy-I have to go.” I cried.
I ran all the way across town. Randy was still following me but I couldn’t stop. I can’t loose my mom. I can’t loose her again!
Aria’s door was open so I let myself in. For the first time I saw my own mom.
“Cassie” Aria said as she appeared almost out of nowhere. “I don’t know what to say. You are so old. I-I didn’t expect you to find me so soon."


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something i wish my life could ever be...

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