King Midas "Jersey Shore Version"

November 18, 2010
By ElizabethVega BRONZE, Sidney, New York
ElizabethVega BRONZE, Sidney, New York
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In the year 2010 there was a guidette named Nicole Polizzi, also known as “Snookie”. She loved being able to go tanning, partying, and to the beach to look for hot juice head gorilla men. All she wanted was to be able to find a hot tan man that would fall in love with her. One day she was walking on the Jersey Shore boardwalk when she met up with DJ Pauly D. He told her that he had secret powers. Every time he would DJ at club Karma he was able to grant one persons wish. This was only when a certain song came on. When he played Enrique Iglesias’ song “Baby I Like it” she would be able to make one wish. All Snookie could think about was being able to find somebody to love.
That night Nicole went to Karma. When she got there she started fist pumping like a champ until she heard DJ Pauly say, “This goes out to all the ladiesssss!!!” At that moment she danced to the middle of the dance floor and heard the song “Baby I like it,” she knew that was her cue to make her wish. “I wish that everything I touched turned to a hot juice head gorilla man that loved me and only me.” Pauly D warned her to be careful what she wished for, and at that moment everything she touched would change.
Snookie could not wait to start changing everything she touched so the first thing she did was run home as fast as she could. Once she got there she went to grab a pickle that she was eating earlier that day and when she did it turned into a hot six foot two tan guido. Snookie thought right away that this was the best thing she could ever have wished for. She then started touching ever thing, from all her roommates beds all the way to touching the hot tub outside.
When her roommates came they were all shocked by the amount of men around the house. Right away the situation said, “We have ourselves a big situation.” Since Angelina was always the one to not care about what anybody else in the house thought, Situation thought that it was her idea to have all these men in the house, but then Situation saw Snookie coming out of the Smoosh room and knew that she was the real reason why all those men were there. He told her that she would have to tell them all to go home. Little did he know then men in the house were made up from things around the house. Snookie told him that they would not leave, and the men were to obsess with her. She then started to beg him to help her get rid of them. J-Wow came into the living room where the Situation and Snookie were talking. She noticed that there were a whole bunch on of men around the house and she noticed that Snookie was crying. J-Wow walked up to snookie to give her a hug for comfort, and right then J-Wow had turned into a hot, tan, and built guido. Snookie began to freak out, while J-Wow just kept trying to kiss her.

Pauly D walked into the house at that moment and saw all the chaos around the house. He reminded Nicole that she should have thought hard before making such a dramatic wish. He told her that he would give her one more chance to get her old life back if that’s what she really wanted. Snookie knew right away all she wanted was to be single and enjoy life. She did not want guys to be following her everywhere. She especially did not want her best friend J-wow to be one of these men. Snookie then made her wish, “I wish I could have my old life back, no more hot men following me everywhere.” Right then her wish had come true and all the men turned back into furniture as well as her hot six foot two man that was now just a half eaten pickle on the floor. Nicole apologized to everybody and they all forgave her. They all went to Karma that night and drank Comacozi shots all night.

The author's comments:
I wrote this story as a senior attending Sidney High School.

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