November 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Sprinting through the trees, he felt fear. They were chasing him so fast, he had to look back to see if their devil like faces met his. There was no other choice but to hide. Matt kicked up some leaves from the ground to create a distraction. He quickly turned to the right and hid inside of a bush. The five men had stopped to look for him, making threats and going round the bush he was in. Matt's heart was beating so fast, he passed out with fear.

He woke up to find himself in the same large bush. The tall trees almost blocked out the sun, but there were some places where a ray of sun would shine. It seemed like it had been days that the five men chased Matt, but it had only been last night. It was cold in the forest. A heavy, dense cloud of fog covered the forest floor, almost seeming like a barren graveyard. With only a shirt and some raggy shorts, Matt got goose bumps, and the strange call of a bird made everything seem more eerie.




The previous night, Matt had been walking through the forest nonchalantly as usual. He did not see the men at first, but he heard them yell and soon the chase began. He had not done anything bad, but then, he had seen an old wooden sign. "WARNING! NO TRESSPASSING!” Matt then understood. The only problem was that he had no where to go, no home, no parents, no anything. He was a runaway, and remembering it caused tears to roll down his small and bony face.




It was not unusual for Matt to wander from place to place, but he felt a strange connection to the forest. Although the sign had said no trespassing, Matt was a curious twelve year old; he began to wander. As stealthy as he could be, he went from tree to tree, exploring the place. Then, something caught Matt's attention. There was a small dusty gray cloud emanating from a small log cabin. There was a strange look to the cabin, but there were inhabitants inside. Matt wondered if this could be where the five men lived and soon found out.

This time, six figures stood outside of the small building. It was THEM! The five devils that had chased the innocent kid. Predicting the sixth one was their "leader", Matt was thinking what they were doing there. The leader was wearing cowboy type boots and a straw hat. He stepped closer to hear what they were saying and he stepped on a branch and broke it.

It was LOUD. Matt screamed and ran his heart out. He had to get away from there as soon as possible. The leader had heard the branch snap and saw the boy. He yelled at him really loud and made a threat. Matt was lucky that they were not chasing him again. If it were to have happen, Matt's legs would have crumpled right to the ground along with his body. He was determined but frightened to find out what these men were.

After drinking water from a stream he had discovered, Matt had recovered some energy. There was still no food to be found and Matt was as skinny as a stick. A once happy and athletic boy had turned into a sad and skeleton like no one. His parents had disappeared when he was young. Matt did not know how this event happened, but his grandparents had told him told him before dying. Matt had asked them where the last place they had been was, but all they said was at a forest nearby. From there, Matt was determined to find his parents. Suddenly shocked by a rumbling in tree, Matt reacted and looked around. There was nothing, and now he made his way to where the men were.

To his surprise, nobody was inside, which meant he could "take a peek." There was small wooden door with a metal knob that had met too many dirty hands. Matt walked in and the smell of firewood blasted into his face. It was warm there, as if a blanket of heat surrounded him. The small cabin had only two bedrooms, a small bathroom, a useful kitchen, and a little office room where he stood. There were newspaper articles that caught Matt's attention. Then he saw an article and he got closer and began to read it. There was a picture on top and Matt examined it carefully. The article read:

"Gold Found!!! The gold rush continues as a couple who found it (picture above) said it was just a discovery, but we believe that they had knew about it." "Ugh, newspapers, always scrutinizing something," thought Matt. He now focused his eyes on the picture. The man and woman looked familiar. Although it was a black and white picture, her hair was shining in the sun. They looked happy, but there was something in their eyes that looked like sadness. It was almost as if something troubled or worried them. Suddenly, Matt remembered that the six men could appear at any moment. He picked up some money that he found looked useful, and made his way out of the cabin. He had to leave the forest, but he didn’t know where to go, he just had to go.




The stars lit up the empty streets, the grass glistened with the starlight. Matt was wandering around and had stumbled upon a town. He read a sign that said "Stony Point, population 305" "Now its 306" thought Matt. There were no lights in the tiny town; he had to wait until morning to talk to someone.

The sun was slowly rising; the grass from the park was shining with dew. The whole town was built around the park, and that was where Matt had stayed for the night. Birds began blurting out calls, marking that it was morning. Some people began to wake up, and the smell of fresh bread and freshly brewed coffee filled the air. Matt felt like his stomach was eating itself; he HAD to get some food. He walked into a little store whose name was "Fresh Bagels and Coffee, there was a tall and skinny man behind the counter.

"Umm, excuse me, ca-can I get some food?" Asked Matt shyly

"Sure, what would you like, a bagel? Responded Jack in a deep voice.

"Yes-yes please mister," stuttered Matt.

"That would be one dollar please."

Matt took out a one dollar bill he had grabbed from the cabin and handed it over to the cashier. He said "thank you," and walked out of the store. His stomach had filled with the round bread, and now he was off to find the police. He followed a path that was headed to the police department. Then, suddenly he stopped. What was he going to say? The police would ask him the billions of questions they always did. Some of them would probably include where are your parents, or why are you by yourself? Though, he had to see if the police knew something about his parents. He decided to continue with what he was going to do and kept walking.

The police's office was a big building, followed by a beautiful mansion Matt had seen before. Matt gulped, scared of what he was going to say. Two policemen were standing behind a desk and they looked up. A tall, broad shouldered man with whitish blond hair looked up and smiled. He looked, not like the other policeman who ignored the boy, The man walked forward and spoke.

"There you are, we've been looking for you" he said happily. Matt felt a strange shiver down his back, and he passed out.




He awoke in a small room with a woman and the police man. Matt was scared but the policeman (who was actually the sheriff) began to talk.

"Matt, we have missed you, it's been such a long time!" she exclaimed with tears running down her face.

"How do you know my name?" Asked Matt, surprised that these strangers knew his name.

"Matt, we are, believe it or not... we are your parents," responded officer Joe.

Matt looked at them wide eyed, just staring at them. It couldn’t be possible, his parents had disappeared, gone, and abandoned him. He was sure of it, this was not true, but here were two strangers, claiming to be his parents. This time, Matt asked the questions.

"Are-e you guys sure you're my parents?"

"Yes son, we are, we are sorry we couldn't find you any sooner. We'll explain everything once we get home," said his "dad". Matt felt a warm feeling when the man said home. Matt had not had a home since he was seven. For now, there was nothing to do but to go with the couple.

Later on in the day, the three of them had gone to the mansion Matt had seen before. For the majority of his life, he had been living from place to place, tree to tree, on streets, while his parents lived in a monstrosity of a house. Matt began to feel anger and jealousy, but first he had to listen to their side of the story. The family then walked in to the living room, where two stair cases lead to the upper level of the house. There was a small fish tank placed in every corner of the room. Comfortable sofa chairs were in the middle of the room. There was a small fire burning in the chimney, swaying like the waves of the ocean. All of this fascinated Matt, but now he became serious.

"Well, talk," said Matt rudely.

"I guess we'll have to talk then," responded his mom.

"Ok Matt, when you were little, your mom and I went to the forest, um, the Red Woods, to look for some gold and we were lucky enough to find it! We had found not a whole bunch, but only a little. We came back and told some people, and soon, a whole crowd of people swarmed around the forest in their wagons and horses. Unfortunately, we couldn't get out of here. Robbers became a problem, even in this forest. They had taken people's gold and ran away. Police then came and closed down the forest to 'prevent chaos'. They supported us with food and water, but we wanted to go home, back to you," his dad told him slowly, as to let Matt take it in word by word.

"Your father tried to reach contact with your grandparents, but had heard that they had died and you ran away. We cried and cried. We didn't know what to do, where to go. There was no way we could know where you were. Despite the crowd of people, we managed to get a decent amount of gold. With that, we believe it or not, established this tiny town an made our lives here," continued his mom.

Matt asked more questions and now began to understand his background. His parents had called officials to look for their missing son. They had also sent some men to patrol the woods, just in case they saw Matt. Now Matt understood why he five men had been chasing him. What shocked Matt was that somehow, his parents had known that he would show up there. Perhaps his parents knew that he would look for them. His parents apologized with tears in their eyes, sobbing yet happy their son had come to them.

"Matt, we promise to you that we will never be apart from you again," said his parents.

"O-ok mom and dad," responded Matt. With that, Matt's parents showed him the room that they had made for him, and he lay in his bed, and closed his eyes. All those lonely days of pain and suffering had gone away. A new feeling came over him, something he hadn't felt in a long time. Perhaps it was happiness, now that he had his parents and a home; he had a future to look up to.

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