Me and the Moon

November 17, 2010
The moon. It watches me from its perch high in the heavens. It bathes the world in a strange blue glow. The soft light washes over me. Keeping me safe. The moon. It protects me. When basking in its glow I feel the weight of the world fly off my shoulders.

The night is silent and the air crisp. Everything’s in focus. The tranquility of it all cuts away at my worries and façade like a knife. In this moment I am truly myself, not what I pretend to be not what I’m expected to be but simply me. Above me the stars twinkle and twirl, engaging in a perfectly choreographed waltz. High above. Far away from the pettiness. Far away from the problems of the world. In out. In, out. The heavens dance and dance and don’t care. Not about what anyone thinks, or about what could have happened. They live in the moment. No past. No future. Just now. And they dance. Swirling in the sky. Twirling their troubles away.

The moon’s watching. Reaching out and inviting me to join their elegant dance. I close my eyes and take a deep breath. In. Out. In. Out. Keeping myself whole. Constantly running. Tirelessly. Endlessly. Reaching for the moon that seems so close yet so far away. The moon is fickle. Playful and serious. Taunting and comforting. I wouldn’t have it any other way. In. Out. In and out. With each breath I feel a little lighter. A little more melts away. The world is in perspective. In and out. I close my eyes. Suddenly I am there. The moon. The stars. Me. We twirl, we spin. We dip, we fly. People spend an eternity trying to understand them but here in the sky; here under the stars in the crisp air. I understand. They simply are. Nothing else matters. They are there to simply be. And the stars and I dance.

On and on and one. The warm smile brightens me but the aloof sadness leaves me with an ache. The moon. So happy yet so sad. It is wise, yet so immature. It is all knowing, yet so indecisive. And so the tides roll. In, out. In and out. As the moon and I continue our ballet into the night, nothing else matters. And nothing can stop us. So simple yet complicated. The moon. In out. In. Out. And a cloud carelessly drifts in...

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