Fly on the Wall

November 20, 2010
Patient 431- Steven

A recording of his ramblings on in his cell, two years into treatment.

Insanity, psychosis, madness that’s what they seem to think I have. All of them! Every last one but in all reality I am the sane one I have the most sanity here, they went to school they have degrees, degrees that give them a right to determine whether or not I am insane, shouldn’t that be left up to me?

Danger to myself and others they say, I say, No, no, no! I am no danger to anyone, not even me. I... I wouldn’t hurt a fly. Give me a fly, put it in this box with padded walls and you will see, yes you would see I won’t touch it! Although his buzzing around would pester me, oh I’m thinking about it now his buzzing. It’s buzzing in my head! Make it stop someone please make it stop… Buzz, Buzz, Buzz… It’s still there why, why is it still there why isn’t anyone helping me? Kill it kill the fly kill it now! Please just make it stop, stop this infuriating buzzing in my head.

Huh? It’s gone the noise is gone… it’s gone, did I kill the fly? Did I squash it? Oh if I did I’m sorry… I… I’m sorry fly I didn’t mean to hurt you I swear I didn’t it’s just you wouldn’t stop I asked you to and you just wouldn’t. I’m sorry fly.

I am not insane, I am not insane, I am not insane! Please listen to me… please.

The patient then proceeded to smash his fists against the wall of his padded cell.

Nothing, nothing, nothing there is nothing left of me. Where am I? Why am I here? Where is my wife? The walls… the walls are so white, why are they so white? They are blinding me, the walls are blinding me! Why are they so horribly white, where am I?

Manic, unstable, dangerous, that’s what they think I am they’re wrong. No, no, no I am sane, I have sanity…

Patient 431- Steven

Has been in a padded cell since his arrival and has made no improvement, nor has he shone any attempt to improve.

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