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The Dream!

was so tired that night I fell asleep at 7:00. On a Saturday, which was unusual because I love to stay up late. I could see the different shades of black in front of my eyes as I drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, I stretched, threw my blanket off my bed, then my feet off over the side of my bed. But when my feet hit the ground, I felt something that felt nothing like my hardwood floor. It felt like.. like mud. Still half-asleep, I finally opened my eyes and was surprised to find that when I looked down to my feet and saw the brown, slimy, gross stuff that I felt. I really was standing in a puddle of mud. I looked up ahead and saw something that surprised me even more! In front of me was a full-on rainforest. I saw huge trees, the greenest thing I’d ever laid eyes on. I could hear a trickling stream in the distance, and so many thoughts were running through my head I got a headache. Realizing I was still in the mud, I picked up a foot and began to venture off into the forest. But when my left foot tried to leave the mud, it wouldn’t move! I looked down again and saw that I was now knee-deep in this stuff. It wasn’t mud, it was quicksand. I had absolutely no idea what to do, being from Maine and all. I looked around for a tree branch I could grab onto, and saw one.. across the quicksand pit. I knew I would never make it. I was now up to my knees. All of a sudden, I heard a high-pitched scream and saw something darting across the treetops, then disappear. I stopped moving, and just stared. What was that? It reappeared, now close; very close, but it was still in the shadows. It hesitated, then took a couple steps back and I could finally see it. It was a medium sized dark brown monkey with a light brown head. He looked at me and then proceeded to run around the sand pit, disappearing once again into the forest. At this point I was getting scared, I was up to my chest. My heart was pounding as I heard a rustling noise, in the forest once again. I watched as the brown money reappeared, but this time he had brought some friends. From the shadows of the rainforest emerged about fifteen other monkeys who looked almost identical to each other. Up to my shoulders now, I think they sensed my fear because they all worked together to grab me gently by the arms and lift me out of the sand pit that I was sure was going to kill me. For some time, I don’t know if it was a couple seconds or a couple hours, we looked at each other. Then, as if all called back home at once, they left. I was alone, once again in the rainforest. I could walk now, but all the excitement had worn me right out. I laid down in a soft patch of moss and watched again as the shades of black showed themselves.
“BAILEY. Get out of bed NOW!” I heard a scream, and I opened my eyes immediately to see my mother standing over my bed. “Uuughhh Mom five more mintutes?” She replied with “Absolutely NOT. You know very well that we are leaving for the airport TONIGHT and you haven’t packed a THING. Are you going to travel to the Amazon rainforest in your pajamas?” ?I smiled as I got my suitcase out and started thinking of all the fun we would have in the rainforest, completely forgetting about my adventure with the brown monkey.


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