Why Fireflies Light Up

November 8, 2010
By audreyhepburn SILVER, Tamworth, Other
audreyhepburn SILVER, Tamworth, Other
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A long time ago, the world had no fireflies-just lots and lots of ugly, black flies.

One day, a very conceited fly named Juliet came out of the forest and onto the beach. "I am going to lie here, on this rock, until my wings have a sunny glow," she announced.

An hour later, her best friend Ella came over to her. "Do you want to come to the park with me?" she asked. "No," Juliet answered. "I am not going to leave this rock until my wings have a sunny glow."

Another hour passed, and Juliet's little brother Gus came to see her. "Can you come play with me?" he questioned. "No," snapped Juliet. "I am not going to leave this rock until my wings have a sunny glow."

Several days passed, and Juliet refused to leave the rock. Her family and friends tried over and over to get her off, but she wouldn't budge.

At noon of the fifth day, Juliet heard a loud, booming voice. She looked up at the sky and flinched away. The sun had a face, and was talking to her!
"You have been dozing on this rock for five days, soaking up my rays. You have refused to spend time with your family and friends!"

Juliet lay, looking up at the bright sun with her jaw slack. For once, she was speechless.

"Since you seem to like my sunlight, I will give you a piece of it. But this is not a present-it is a punishment. The piece of light will be on your tail forever!"

As soon as the sun stopped speaking, Juliet felt a searing pain near the end of her body. She looked back at it, and there was a light! She was about to yell at the sun, but he stopped her. "You deserve this punishment, Juliet. Let it be a reminder that nothing good comes out of putting your beauty before the ones dearest to you."

To this day, some flies are born with lights on the ends of their bodies.

The author's comments:
My English teacher had my class write 'Pourquoi' tales- a story that tells why and how something in nature came about. I chose to write about why fireflies have lights.

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