Waiting to exhale.

November 18, 2010
It's my most hated class.. yet the one I love the best.. you want to know why? because you're in there. I look forward to getting in class and watching you walk through the door. I like to meet your eyes when you first walk in, and slowly start smiling. you make it hard for me to breathe. The whole class period all I do is think of you, and it kills me. I want to be able to walk into that classroom and not immediately begin to think of you and whether or not you're going to be there today. My heart beats frantically the moment you walk in.. and then I remember that it's all a silly dream. A dream because I can't have you. you're not mine to have.. thing is i've known that for a long time. It just is the fact that you're so untouchable. I guess they weren't kidding when they say you always want what you can't have.

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