November 17, 2010
By katlove1010 BRONZE, Burbank, California
katlove1010 BRONZE, Burbank, California
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part 1

cassie's pov-
Its five-forty five on a saturday morning i rub my eyes and pulled the covers off my body. i walked over to my window and see the yellow morning sun peeking over the horizon. "morning". i whispered as i walked over to my closet. it got dressed then walked to the stable, and rode off on bell. i road to the top of the hill and found Nate sitting on his blanket he brough for breakfast. "morning" i said with a smile. "hey cassie." his eyes lit up. i tied up bell to the tree and sat down next to nate and covered myself in the blanket we leaned up against the tree and talked while the yellow sun rose. than nate asked. "so you still like, alex?". "yea., hows you and miley?" "still strong." he held me to his chest i closed my eyes and sighed. just then my phone vibrated. its was a text from alex;;

alex- hey just wondin if you wanna hang out today?
me- sure i'd love too. :}

i closed my phone. "who was that?" "alex. he wants to hang sorry im bailing on you. ."as i walk away i hear joe yell "are we still gonna go to homecoming together?" "sure" i yell back as i leave.,

after riding home and putting away my horse and changing into some cuter clothes i ride my bike over to alexs house. i walk up the steps to his porch and ring the door bell. his little brother tony anwsers "tony!" i say lifting him up and spining him around. i set him on my hip. "hows my prince been? you been proctecting the kingdom?" he nods his little 4 year old head. i kiss his forhead. and i see alex standing their smiling at me with his little brother. "hey cassie." he pulled me in his arms and hugged me."hello you crush prince!" "oops sorry tony" i set him down and alex pulls me in for a bigger hug. i cant help but smile. "ive missed you cassie." "its been a day" i say giggling. "i here everyday with tony.: i say as he leads me to the couch to sit down. he sits down and i cuddle up in his arms. the one thing nate doesnt need to know is how ive been at alexs house every night for the past month. we talk about random school things about his music and my riding. he then asks "cassie i dont want to be seceret anymore." "whats that mean?" "go to homecoming with me." s*** now who do i choose?
nate {my lifetime best friend} or alex {my love of my life}
i choose alex since he is my boyfriend. and i do want to go public with him. we drive to the mall and buy are outfits. {cassies}
& alex is a plain tux.

we ride up past my house and i see nate their. he throws the roses in the street and runs away tears in eyes. my heart sinks. i jump out of the car "NATE! wait." i try to chase after him but i cant in heels so i take them off. and nate turns and i can feel his pain as i turn and see alex walking to pick up the roses. i mouth im so sorry. he just shakes his head.

*that night at homecoming*
"you ready?" are the only words before we enter the dance. i nod my head interlock my hand with his and im ready to face what ever is throw at me. alex leads me out to the crowd just in time a slow song is put on and alex says softly "may i have this dance" as he holds out his hand i take it adn he walks towards me. and we slow dance just like in all the movies. i rest my head on his shoulder and i can see his smile grow. i look around and see everyone looking at us. i close my eyes and take a deep breath. alex pulled me up and kisses me before i can take a breath. and i felt alone with him in the room full of tons of other people. when he finally pulls away i smile

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