Novel Excerpt- Leviathan/Iseult Foot Washing

November 17, 2010
“When will you go?”

“Likely when the sun sets. If not, it shall be in the morn.”

“Why would you stay?”


Iseult gave not a response, simply looking down at her long legs. Leviathan looked over to her and seemingly forced out, “What shall you do with me gone?”

“Well, I suppose I’ll just stay at my new home. There I’ll… Well, do nothing. There’s nothing left to do.”

“I see…” Leviathan whispered. He then rose and walked to the edge of the boardwalk, bent down, and dipped his hair in the water. He then walked back to Iseult and took her by her ankles. “May I?” asked he.

“W-What are you doing?” Iseult muttered, stuttering and trembling.

“I’m going to wash your feet.”

“What? W-Why?”

“Does it really matter?”

“… I guess not…”

Leviathan took one of Iseult’s feet in one hand, though both would’ve fit, and a lock of his hair in another. He then scrubbed the tops and bottoms of Iseult’s feet with his hair as Iseult watched. The young lady was filled with curiosity and suppressed laughter.

Switching to her other foot, Leviathan began once more and whispered inaudible words. Iseult questioned him, still giggling in her throat.

“I respect you. Few and far between are members of Man I can tolerate. But more than that do you display intelligence higher than most and a moral compass not skewed by corruption. You’ve taught me things about men I’d likely have not known without your assistance. Let me show your gratitude with this small and humble act.”

Iseult had stopped laughing. But a needle-like strand of hair between her toes tempted her chortling again.

Leviathan finished and dried Iseult’s feet with his coat. He leaned over then and kissed her tops. Iseult paused, stunned, then leaned into him and attempted to dry his hair with her shirt.

Leviathan stopped her, grabbing her wrists, said, “I require no thanks.”

“This isn’t thanks, not for that. This is for everything you’ve done for me up to now. Along our journey you’ve risked your life so many times to save mine… I wouldn’t be here without you. I owe you so much…”

Leviathan pushed her hands away and rose. “Like I said, I require no thanks.”

He then quit the boardwalk and left Iseult.

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alexkeup93 said...
Nov. 18, 2010 at 9:05 pm

A touching moment of true humility. And yet, it seems as if it's done in such a businesslike manner. A conundrum to say the least....

Keep writing, Love. I know your novel will be exceptional! :)

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