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November 17, 2010
By Anonymous

At the high school, there are teachers that are known because they are the meanest. Kids would switch classes because of the fright you would get around this teacher. Well in my case there were no changing classes for me. I was left in the room with the oldest hag in the school, Mrs. Smith. She was the most exacerbated teacher in the school by far. You couldn’t even compare her meanness to any other teacher in the school. She was very volatile. She would scream at you and not feel any regret about it later on. No one ever knew what to do in that class. The lectures she would go through in class were prolix. Everyone was would be dying of boredom by the end of the class and would love to go to sleep but if Mrs. Smith caught you with your head down she would abate her respect for you if you had any in the first place. There was never a case when she would make things assuage on the students. Everything had to be as hard as possible in the class. Kids would barely pass the classes and if you do it’s a low D.

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