November 16, 2010
By Anonymous

The shadow of my body reflected in the disgusting dirty puddle . I slowly covered my cheeks with both of my freezing hands . I gulped down hastily,tugging on my light purple sweater as I felt the plain air I had consumed slide down my throat . I focused my vision on the darkening sky , my mind being engulfed in a frenzy of thoughts.

Will I? Should I ? These are constant questions that murdered my head in a throbbing ache. My body stiffened , a sniffle passing through the dense air .

His grey hoodie covered his frantically shaking body . I expanded my arms , offering the warmth of my body.I caved him in a cluster of fabric . He squirmed away , grasped my heating hand with his timy fimgers . A undesired tear sliced my cheek where the cold wind smashed into, the feeling was as if jagged icicles were stabbing you.

" Kayla , come home . I miss you."
The only action my body could manage to perform at the moment was a simple nod of my head . I glanced from him to the puffs of that spread along the once baby blue sky. I was ashamed . Must I always be the one to trigger a clutter of worry . If I could change ,I would.

Changing seems like one of those 11:11 wishes , the ones you just know in the pit of your stomach won't happen . 11:11 doesn't exist for wishing. It's only a time. A time for the pain to strengthen .

My choice to escape this jabbing pain was to run , to vanish from sight . But I no longer want to be a coward , a girl that hides whenever trouble appears. Wishes don't magically become real.

You have to make them real.

The author's comments:
Wishes just don't magically become real. You have to make them real.

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