Walter the Water Droplet

November 16, 2010
By AVora SILVER, Bridgewater, New Jersey
AVora SILVER, Bridgewater, New Jersey
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The clouds grew dark as Walter the water vapor and his friends Jack, Theo, Patrick, Chris, and Kevin rested in the sky.

“All of you look condensed today, is this why the clouds are so gray?” Walter asked.

“Oh silly Walter don’t you know, since we’re so cold it’s about to snow!” Jack replied.

Jack was right! The weather was getting colder and colder up in the sky.

And colder…

And colder…

And even colder…

Soon the condensed friends realized they had to precipitate.

Suddenly it began to rumble. Then almost as suddenly as it began, all was still, silent, and seemingly quiet.

Walter and his friends chanted a saying that sounded much practiced.

“We may be snow, hail, sleet, or rain, but on the inside we’re all the same,” the droplets chanted.

Then they started to fall towards the ground as snow, hail, sleet, and rain, but by the time they all got to the ground, they were all droplets of rain. The friends hit the ground with a big SPLASH! SPLISH! SPLOOSH! PLOP! DRIP-DROP!

They all landed safely in a mountain in the Appalachian Mountain Range.

“Fortunately our landing was very soft, so now I think it’s time to run-off,” Kevin liquidly stated.

The friend’s raced down the mountain, passing green shrubs, leafed trees, wet rocks, and soft, wet dirt.

The six friends finally reached a well known place called Fairview Lake, where fresh water rippled as other raindrops landed in it.

“This is our last resting spot until we evaporate,” said Theo as he wobbled around in the water, “so enjoy yourselves mates!”

So Walter and his friends jumped into the deeper water to play a game. They played a fun game like tag, and soon they all were swimming way from each other.

At the end of the game, it was getting dark and Walter and his friends Jack, Theo, Patrick, Chris, and Kevin grew tired. The deep, darkening sky seemed worn out as it grew dimmer and dimmer.

“I think it’s time to return to home abode, so if we will, should we take the Sky Road?” asked Patrick.

Although Walter wished he could stay, he too had to agree to go back.

When they looked down they saw the dazzling, lively rainbow they made.

It looked like a giant bridge meant only for the greatest.

There was red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

They began to evaporate, they began to rise, and Walter began saying his last goodbyes. To all that he saw, to all that he met, he said goodbye with a last regret.

Chris comforted him by saying, “Walter, don’t worry, you’ll come back, just maybe as a flurry.”

They flew up the Sky Road into the skies.

Finally they reached the land they called home.

Walter let out a yawn, and he and his friends dozed off.

Little did Walter, the once again water vapor, know that the clouds grew dark as he and his friends Jack, Theo, Patrick, Chris and Kevin rested in the sky.

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