Fairy Tales

November 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Fairy tales do not tell children dragons exist, for children already know dragons exist, fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed. children already know that fairy's exist, that's why they try to find them. fairy tales do not tell children that wizards exist, fairy tales tell them that wizards can be concord. fairy tales are the the stories we loved as children, but just dont even think about now. all we do now is drag on and on about how we think we need more and more, but in the reality of it, we already have everything. we have our friends to back us up or to help us when were feeling down, we have the fairy tales from when we were little to help us through life. i know it might sound stupid but except the only problem is... that its not. why cant fairy tales help us now? they got us all through elementary school so why cant they help us now? why cant they help us through our life, after we hit third grade we think their just myths, exaggerated truths, but the truth is, their true...

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