The Story of Aporitd. (A Myth)

November 12, 2010
By Guardian23 BRONZE, Calidonia, Illinois
Guardian23 BRONZE, Calidonia, Illinois
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"Love is a powerful thing, It can build the mightiest kings, or destroy empires"

Once when Sparta and Athens were at war, Lyons, A spartan soldier, met an Athenian woman, named Symphony, when he was sent to infiltrate the Athenian walls. He went form room to room in the castle, looking for anything that could bring the Empire down.
He saw a girl with dark brown hair and giant blue eyes. She looked at him, she knew he was an enamy.
Right when the two looked into each other’s eyes, they fell in love. “Your eyes glisten like the Royal kingdom of Position.” He said. Her olive skin gained a hint of red.
But they knew that they could not be together. “Even though we are Greek, we are constantly at battle.” They said their goodbyes and raced back to their polis.

On Mt. Olympus the goddess Aphrodite felt a pain in her heart that the two heroes’ were going against their heart’s needs. “Why on earth would they let war interfere with their heart’s desire?” Ares and Hestia shook their heads.
Ares felt that love was insignificant, he did love but when it came down to war or love he always choose war.
Hestia knew what Aphrodite was going to do. She did this to everyone who didn’t fall in love with everyone they have contact with.
And sure enough, “I know what I shall do; I shall have Cupid draw one of his golden arrows. Cupid!” Aphrodite did what she was destended to do. Cupid flew over to the goddesses.
“You called my lady?” his voice was high and light. He saw Hestia, “Oh, another couple defying your laws of love?” She nodded. He drew a golden arrow from his quiver, and notched it in his bow. He aimed it at Lyons. With a tear he laughed the arrow. Once again he aimed another at Symphony and fired.
The golden arrows flew across the Greek islands and meet their target. A feeling of joy and enlightenment filled their faces. They looked back on their path and ran. They meet in the middle. They looked into each other’s eyes again. When their lips meet a fire hotter than Hephaestus’s fires sparked.

“Let's run away together and never come back to Greece!” they agreed. They jumped to the closest boat and sailed south.
When they reached the island of Create they stopped for the night.

On Mt. Olympus Aphrodite felt accomplished. But Hestia wasn’t.
Hestia turned to Ares, “Can you do anything to bring them back home? A war?” he shook his head.
“As much as I would love to, I cannot. It is out of my powers.” Deep down Hestia knew the answer before he even answered.
She shut her eyes and fell into a deep thought. She never meddled with mortal’s lives since Dionysus took over her throne. If she could not make them go back home, then she will make them go to a new home. She called for Hermes.
His wigged shoes came fluttering into focus. “Yes Hestia?”
She explained everything. “So I need you to bring them to a tiny island off of Create. And if you can guide more people to the island.”
“I’ll see what I can do.” And he left.

Back in Create, Lyons and Symphony were setting out for their next destination.
They set out and didn’t go far before Poseidon’s rage threatens to send them to Hades. A giant wave overthrew the ship.

When the couple woke up, they were on an uncharted island. They decided to make camp here. They didn’t want Poseidon to turn on them again. Plus, they didn’t have a ship.
They spent the rest of the night telling stories of their youth. When they were going to put out their fire, Lyons found something in the cinders. It was a girl, a goddess. Hestia was staring at them. Her ember eyes glowed with rage and humbleness.
The two knew what this meant; Hestia was enraged that they left home. But they knew they couldn’t keep their love and go home at the same time.
Lyons found a few scraps of wood and twine from the ship. But Hestia wasn’t going to let them have wooden houses. She felt pity and carved a hole out of the earth and gave the couple stones to start a temple.
As the goddess wished, they built a temple on the highest point of the dome-shaped village. A few others followed them as Hermes guided. Lyons and Symphony welcomed them with open arms.
And thus, Hestia and Aphrodite were satisfied and the start of Aporitd.

The author's comments:
I have loved Greek Mythology since i read the stories. The fact that the heros did one bad thing and the gods punish them for eternaty...seems kind of creul

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