The Pianist (My alternative ending)

November 11, 2010
By emzles BRONZE, Preston, Other
emzles BRONZE, Preston, Other
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The End of the Pianist ( My Version)

As his frozen fingers broke free from their icy prison and gave in
to the torture of playing a final fair well tune on the battered piano, the Nazi officer watched in contentment readying his hand. The Polish Jew knew his unjustified fate. As he played he had flash backs of the horrors he had somehow managed to overcome…; the anti-Semitic laws, then the starvation in concentration camps, when his family was cruelly stripped away but he was saved. His mind wandered back way in the past, his job… being a pianist. Being a famous pianist had got him this far, maybe it could save his life again. He quite literally played for his life. The piano trembled as the pianist thumped out the final notes to his farewell tune.
He closed his eyes.
The Nazi let out a below but calmly said ‘What a clever boy we are
then. Who’d thought something as worthless as a JEW would actually be good at something. It’s a pity really. Especially how the allies are on their way. Russia will be here any day now… and I will have left this country with my fortunes from you Jews and will lay back in luxury whilst you rot. Although for the time being we have less and less time to eradicate you.’ The pianist shivered. ‘ So are you going to tell me who’s helped you this far? Or shall I have a bit of fun.’ The Jew stood up, silent. ‘Ok. More fun for me.’ the Nazi whispered perniciously.
He grabbed the Jew by his neck and loaded the pistol under his
nose. A bead of sweat rolled down his brow but he was still silent. The German screeched a final time ‘TELL ME!’. The Pianist opened his mouth. ‘ My name is Wladyslaw Szpilman. Me and my family were ridiculed because of our faith. The Nazis came, took our money and sent us into a camp to starve,’ The Nazi yawned unsympathetically but the pianist carried on, ‘We were ‘resettled’ and saw people killed everyday.’ The Nazi Stamped his feet and ordered an answer. ‘My cousin,’ he croaked ‘he was with the Jewish police he dragged me out but watched my family be carted off. I tried to survive taking down the wall. The SS officers were cruel hearted beasts!’ The Nazi smirked. ‘I managed to get out myself and scavenge for food, stealing what I could. I came here because of the flames and the resistance, found this can and you… you found me.’ He looked round hoping the Nazi would believe his inconvincible story. With a shrug he lifted his pistol, angled it 45 degrees and whispered into his ear ‘If you won’t give them up your no use.’ BANG! He fired the gun and the pianist collapsed on the floor. The Nazi spat and muttered unholy remarks to himself.
The Jew that survived finally, horribly, unfairly died.

The author's comments:
It's my version of the ending for the film the Pianist

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