Inside the closet

November 10, 2010
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I'm trapped inside a closet, beating the door down.The stinch of failure and resentment, oh why does she do me that way! Before this all happened she crept into the room to find that I was smoking drugs in my bedroom I fought, I kicked, I screamed, but her strength was greater than mine oh, how I wish that someway I could stop! Stop letting temptations creep upon me. Everyday when I sleep, I dream of being killed by the Man himself who brought me into his will. Oh, I wake up panting for now i realize it was a dream, but I felt so bad because I was still in the closet. But once i was clean, until found this green weed, not sure what it was, then i brought it to class,showed everybody they laughed, because they knew what I didn't know. One child saw i was clueless, so he took upon himself and blew it. For that was when i got stuck , without any luck. I really can't break out, because I feel there's no way out. The darkness now clouds the light, for I feel alone, until I hear someone saying my name, " my child you're not alone, come talk to me." And I did,the light was shown, and from there on I never blown.

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