The Night

November 10, 2010
It was late at night or early in the morning, without a clock I could not tell either way. I woke up, not being able to sleep, so I decided to ease my mind and sit by the corrals, observing the night that surrounded the ranch. I crept down the stairs, eyes wide as if I could see through the pitch black hallway that entered the glow the night light left shining onto the living room. I looked into the kitchen that led into the living room and I caught the glimpse of a neon green glow off the stove. After a double take I noticed that the stove held the numbers 2:48 in its clear plate. “I had so much time before anyone would ever notice I had left” I thought to myself as I slid out the front door. As the door started to squeak with the sudden late night movement, I slowed my movement, quieting the squeak so my secrecy would not be revealed. I stood on the front porch gazing at the night life of the barn and corrals. I took my first step off the warmth of the porch onto the cold, gravel driveway. I walked across the gravel dreading each future step. After walking to the corrals and climbing over the fence I jump down onto the soft ground that the horses had worked into sand. After the journey across the gravel driveway the sand felt good between the toes of my aching bare feet. I stand there for a second, trying not to startle the sleeping horses although three of them were already huddled over my shoulder scrutinizing my every movement. On the other side of the corrals my eyes catch the movement of a man hunched on top of the fence gazing across the desert river that bordered the property, blowing smoke rings into the cool desert air. I walked up to him feeling a sense of doubt of who this man could. He slowly turned his face towards me and jumped off of the fence. After realizing who the man was, I gave the tall, warm man a big hug and said “Hi grandpa, where have you been? I thought I would never see you again!”

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